Skin & Headgear colors

I personally think that Fatshark have a bad habit of overlook or actively choosing not to give 100%.
I’m not saying this to be mean even though I know that it’s not a very nice thing to say.

But look at Waystalkers headgear.

Now look at the Hero Skins

All headgear are green, the hero skins are in three different colors.
How is it that no one stopped and asked the question.
“Maybe each headgear should come in different colors or at least some of them so you can match Hero Skins & Headgears better?”
What is the point in having a Autumn hero skin when the only headgear (as I know of) that have the same theme is this.

One Autumn themed headgear vs seven(?) Green ones. I do not think it is much to ask for to have more headgear that match the other hero skins. Even the weapons could have more color variety. Why not have the weapon above in Autumn colors?
I do not mean that new skins should just be re-skins of excising skins but more color variety is needed in my opinion.

I do not know much about making video games, so it could just be that it’s much more work then I think and I’m just sounding like an ass.
I love Vermintide, the combat is amazing but it feels like Fatshark have so many ideas about what they want to do that they forget to make sure that what they already have is top quality. I’m sorry to say this but somethings feel half-assed.

Fatshark do a lot right. The map designs are high quality, the game looks amazing, range and melee combat feels incredible, weapon/combat sounds are great & more. Fatsharks employees are without a doubt talented people, it’s just that it can feel rushed at places.


There’s a black hat too, which goes with the black skin. (the bottom left hat)

I do agree though.

Welcome to the jungle…

Last time I’ve heard of mismatching hats with armor colors (which was probably 2 days ago, as this topic comes back regularly), they said they’re working on finding some solution.

Fatshark is aware. I’ve personally asked about this many times and the response was:

“Hi! We are looking at if it is possible for a future update to recolor some hats. We have heard you loud and clear.”

The way I see it is that making recoloured versions of existing headgear to match their armour variants is not the issue here.
There is a limited inventory space, and there already are cases in which players filled up their inventory capacities. Imagine what would happen if FS was to add all these recoloured variants without addressing the inventory limitations first.

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They did find a solution for illusions. I guess the same solution could be applied, and it would solve the “hat appearing in salvage” issue at the same time.

Let’s hope they will come with something. FS needs to address the inventory issues anyways.

In my opinion, FS donesn’t mind skins. This problem is very old.

They answered they’re looking into it. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t have answered about this topic.

They can say what the want… I only see the way in those two years. Weaves, VS mode and not a red helmet yet.
This speak stronger than any note in the forum.

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It really shouldn’t be that hard to add a feature that lets you merge the colour scheme of your headgear with your skin colour scheme. Unless their entire code is made out of unmitigated spaghetti, it would probably take one or a couple of work days for a skilled modeler to make colour variants for all headgear while a programmer builds the feature.

Just make a toggleable feature that switches the base headgear with a recoloured variant that matches with the skin colour scheme, this way you can match them without filling up inventory space.
Or you could add a colour wheel that simply lets the player choose the colour scheme for their headgear.

So, they can use the limited available space to add a new hat to sell the emporium with it.
They can use the limited space to make premium hats.
But suddenly there is no room for colored versions for colored skins, and now they have to look into it to solve this problem.

I smell a familiar smell here, that’s usually associated with domesticated bovine animals …

It’s a matter of priorities. That was not seen as a priority on their list. For good reasons.

Come on… we are talking about 1 premium hat per career, that’s 15 in total plus some extra they brough from files.
That’s nothing in comparison to the amount of recoloured hats that would need to be released.

We have at least 6 different hat styles for each career. Each career has 5 differently coloured armours, that’s 30 recoloured hats per career = 90 hats per hero. Hmm… at least 450 hat recolour variants in total at best.

Yeah, that’s most definitely some kind of a developer conspiracy and not a technical issue at all.

Aye, a technical issue, them not being prepared for this scenario… :grinning:

Rather them investing development time into more important and urgent things.

That is part of a ongoing theme with Fatshark as I see it. They do not think things through.
They design a inventory for frames, items, cosmetics but make the inventory limited so there is no room for all the stuff.

Sure but the problem is that when they worked on it they did not think it though.
A theme with Fatshark in my opinion. So the list of things that might need to be address just pile up.

You do not need to post the same message twice, we did understand what you’re thinking of Fatshark =p

Sure but I think the core problem is that they have not planed it properly from the start.
So it is just placed on a pile of other things they could look into.