Skin & Headgear colors

Player inventory won’t be an issue if they made an internal inventory (like a folder) where items with alternate colour schemes are stored.
Imagine you select one headgear with a colour scheme you don’t like. You press a button, like the middle mouse button or X or something, and this brings up the alternate colour schemes inventory, where each colour variation exists depending on the skins you already own.
You select the colour scheme you want for your hat, and you’re brought back to the normal inventory.

Depending on how you look at it, this IS urgent since it’s become their primary source of income outside of potential new players purchasing the game the first time. Ideally their Fashiontide shop is as appealing as possible for people to spend more than 5 bucks on whatever hat looks the most okay to them and then never touching it again. Obviously it’d be great if the game were more stable/bug-free as well, but anyone still playing has probably accepted the game’s level of quality overall and the new content should at least be worthwhile enough to continue tolerating it.

Maybe they could just do the Guild Wars 2 thing of letting you unlock/purchase pigments instead of having to bog up the inventory with individual color schemes of the same outfit. Then if you DID want off-color hats, like making Footknight look like a ketchup bottle(or potentially being able to recolor sections like forearms and boots down the line, cough cough), you still could and nobody’s left wanting.


”Hi! We are looking at if it is possible for a future update to recolor some hats. We have heard you loud and clear.”

I hope Fatshark meant to add new cosmetics with different color. I don’t want to see an already owned hat change its color.

P.s anyway I agree with the original poster.