Grail Knight new colours for headgear very very please

Come on, FS, please, this joke is not funny anymore. That new GK skin for Grudge Marks challenge is white and covered with CRIMSON fleur-de-lis. We are supposed to match it with what exactly? We have only blue and yellow options (btw we all remember that black skin he has that matches only with 100 games challenge helmet). There is no big deal to add a few basic recolours to Lohner’s Emproium, nothing difficult or crazy.

P.S. I know that argument for hats/skins incompatibility is neverending, but GK is the best example of when you literally have 0 options.


I wonder whats their reasoning behind being so stingy with simple recolored hats is.

Is it because they are too scared of being called out for releasing “uuuuuhhh. Another badge of lazy recolors!!”?
Is it maybe the weird inventory limitation? Probably its just Fatsharks way of saying: We love (to torture) you!


I think this will be a problem for most of the Chaos Wastes grudge mark cosmetics. I’ll be going with the ‘hatless’ character models where possible, unless Lohner gives us white recolours.


I dont like the hatless variants. For example … I’m playing a Foot Knight in Full Plate armor and I’m about to go to war… without a helmet? What? …

To me this is immersion breaking and bothers me more than it probably should.

And OP is perfectly right in pointing out that Grail Knights helmets and their colors are … off putting to say the least. A few recolors of his very basic helmet and its fabric (white / red / black whatever) would do the job.


Or the lead designer is colorblind secretly.

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