Grail Knight [content \ pricing](not whining)

First, I want to tell that I’m feel mostly good about this update.
I have some issues with cosmetics and weaves but its so far related to the GK that I’ll try just ti skimp it over.

1. GK as a character.
I never was a fan of idea to have Grail Knight or Hammer Priest of Holy Hammers.
BUUUUUT you’ve made a great character! His skills are good, his weapons are great.
Challenges are ok (still feel icky about cheesing his illusions but thats how we do it in VT, I guess).

2. GK as a store content.
I’m kinda tired of this community. Everybody whine about everything, no matter if they have a point or not.
Even if I’m OK with pricing of the GK (and GK accessories), I still find this bit confusing (DLC for DLC, weird flex but ok).
I would prefer if you made it a “free” GK without weapons and skins, but sold (weapons, missions, cosmetic) everything full price.
But I’m not a marketing professional and IDK if it has is downfalls or not.

2. GK as a game content.
Can we talk about cosmetics? I’m willing to pay for stuff you make.
I’m kinda gave up my dream of good cosmetic in VT.
Just please don’t be so… not caring.
Why GK don’t have a helmet with black colored cloth (as a part of DLC package)? It is a texture job. I can do it (I actually did this stuff) its not hard. I love FashionTide and I HATE to wear black\red costume and BLUE helmet. Why both helmets are blue? Why you do that?


Selling GK without weapons would be a bad idea since the sword’n’board is tied to this career’s passive and I guess it would cause quite an uproar if you couldn’t utilize it without $$$. So career + weapons is definitely one package.

I’m glad they did decide to separate the one big 10$ package into two separate ones, people can decide what they want.

As for recolors I guess the plan is to release them as part of Emporium later on (seen some new orange hood added for WS) and I personally do not like this approach. I know you do not see that much of your character during game but it as you mentioned - Fashiontide could be an endgame for many people and it’s held up hostage :wink:


yeahhhh it’d be nice if we could get more customization options and at the very least be able to colour coordinate our gear.

It’s been something the community has been crying out for since release so I’ve personally given up on the idea of it ever happening but good lord it’d be nice if it did.


If we pray hard enough to Sigmar and Ranald it may happen.


I think the third helmet is black/orange/yellow-ish? It’s unlocked by winning 100 matches though… so the non-blue outfits are basically useless for your first 100 maps. :frowning:

Idk how they would implement it with current cosmetics.

What I meant was separating him from weapons, boy that would create even bigger backlash than the pricing in my opinion :slight_smile:


  • GK + weapons = complete gameplay experience

As for the cosmetics (unless we misunterstood each other) - retexture existing hat and put it in Emporium for Shillings? There’re few recolored hats in the Emporium already, so I do not see a problem (even though this solution is not the best, let’s hope for the color-changer stuff).

[quote=“Bluehardt, post:7, topic:39836”]
What I meant was separating him from weapons, boy that would create even bigger backlash than the pricing in my opinion :slight_smile:[/quote]
GK - weapons for free = gameplay experience you get for free.

[Suggestion] Colour schemes :stuck_out_tongue:

On a more related subject, I really don’t mind the pricing ; it’s actually good.
3.5€ for a character I’m ok to pay for. I’d have liked to see some 10€ bundle for all 5 since it appears they’re planning more, but I’ll buy them individually with a smile on my face.

It means the game is alive, and I love the game, so that is good ; and I support the devs. I don’t like the head slot cosmetics they made, so didn’t buy any, but I’d have bought any I’d have liked. Understand the studio also has to survive ; and while I agree there would be options people would like more - more diverse skins, helmets for Kerillian that don’t make her look bald ; helmets for Kerillian that she can wear with the hood, etc… - what they’re doing is definitely not bad content-wise nor on the morally wrong side of the scale economic-model-wise. (specially compared to big companies whose names needn’t be mentioned :unamused:)