Grail Knight is super Awesome!


I’ve been playing (as host, can’t join as gk)

and is amazing, the weapons feel realistic, fluid, enjoyable, powerful, the ult is really useful against all kind of enemies, specially monsters,

the challenges and the team buffs, super,

totally worth dlc
the looks, badass

keep up the good work Fatshark :slight_smile:


He doesn’t feel power crept.

His Talents and quests are interesting. I think there could still be some tweaking to the quests, but a good start.

They added new Okri’s challenges, so you don’t just get the new Career and skins, there’s actually content too.

The price was fair and affordable.

I’m really happy with it.

Actually my only objection is Smiter instead of Mainstay. He doesn’t get Halberd, which is the main Weapon you use Smiter on. Or maybe it combos well with his passive 10% damage on the first enemy hit.

Just wondering if the charged shield slam into light attack shield slam is something you get used to? It feels kind of awkward, as you instinctively go for a light/charged for that combo.

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I love it and it got me pumped on what could come for the other characters!

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Even if, as said in the other thread, I don’t like how they locked the challenges behind the premium version… the career itself is simply GREAT. Balanced, fun, a different style/gameplay than the other Krub’s careers.

Mainstay would fit very well, true, but even Smiter is very good… you can enable nice combos with +25% power on charged attacks talent.


Yeah, I see why some people would see it this way. From my exp with microtransactions, you usually buy it and forget about it, I kind of like the fact that it’s almost like a mini xpac.

On Cata it seems that way. He didn’t get too much AS which is good. 2H Sword would have been toooo crazy on him.

I was running some 1H Mace on Merc with Smiter recently, and it was quite decent for Elite killing. Nice to see a Career which makes it even better.

Only thing i don’t like is the regen quest which is super powerful(op tbh) otherwise i was also quite surprised how balanced the career overall felt.
Even the new weapons after giving them a fair shot feel decent enough and i actually really like the shield for some odd reason.


Also Exe Sword is cool with Smiter + 25% power on heavy attacks talent (I don’t remember the name :p)…

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I think the approach to the DLC was good at least from the business/consumer standpoint. Challenges had to be tied to the cosmetics for the sake of consistency with other careers - unlocking recolors, hat, illusions and art via challenges.

But for someone who doesn’t pursue hats, selling complete (gameplay wise) career separately for cheaper is a good move in my opinion.

As for new Krubs’ career - I LOVE it, didn’t play Kruber for quite a bit since I’ve done all the challenges with him and now coming back feels really good. I’m also pleasantly surprised how well balanced it is. In a dozen games I’ve played already I didn’t really miss having ranged weapon at all. I’ve been using longsword as main weapon and board’n’sword as a backup to get out of tight spot or anti-warpfire scenario.

Thing I like the most so far is definitely the Bretonnian Longsword which has really nice feeling to it, decapitates an slashes in half without breaking a sweat. I didn’t expect to have as much fun in dueling the single enemies around the map! “C’mon, hit me, I dare you!”

As I’ve mentioned I did use board’n’sword ocasionally, mostly on defense. Still have problems getting used to it’s attack pattern with the shield hit on light attack and for some reason the range of the weapon feels really short.

The double-hit ult version seems really powerful though, because it’s capable of easily pushing monsters twice in succession dealing high damage on top of that.

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