Minor suggestion - shilling cosmetics for the Grail Knight in the Emporium

So far, we only have challenge cosmetics for the Grail Knight. Could we start treating him like any other career and add some new cosmetics to the emporium? For a start, I’d like a mace + shield and (empire) 1H sword + shield that doesn’t have “Sigmar” scrawled all over it - maybe just add the Bretonnian shield illusion to the mace+shield and 1H sword+shield. Thanks.

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I would like a single good looking, well done Longsword skin. Each and every one of the current Illusions are not even close to the quality of other Sword Illusion. Take a side by side look. 1h Sword, Plastic Sword, and Plastic Sword in hands of FK.

The only halfway decent one is the standard Illusion, which still looks like someone upscaled a texture to much compared to other simple skins.

I still remember the reveal stream and how they told us that they were so enthusiastic about designing the GK, his helmet, armor and weapons. The Griffin helmet turned out nice, the armor clips with his own weapons, and the Longsword turned out to be a visual nightmare.

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