The Purple illusions and future cosmetics

I have to say, I think giving 2 different red illusions and a purple one to the new weapons was a good choice, that should be a standard for weapons. (I like consistency, and some variety).
That being said, I don’t really like the purple illusions, and I’ve met few people who did.
So, guessing that the original idea of having as many color as star wars lightsabers have has been scrapped - and good thing it did - I was wondering if fatshark could replace the purple runes with a different colour. Since cyan is a cold color, i think we could use a warm color as the second option, so, orange or red or yellow instead of purple. It should be an easy fix, maybe have a poll about it?

Second part of my suggestion: add new cosmetics for the dlc weapon and careers to the emporium - in time. Having watched the OE trailer more times than I should have done, I’m regretting not having a no-hat option for the grail knight for example.
If you do this, please keep the shilling price reasonable, it’s already riduculous getting 5-10 shillings for a challenge or a quest when the avarage price is around 800.

Edit: if it can be done, it’d be nice to see a few runes on the crank gun too, like if it was a red illusion.

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