Please add more red, shiny skins

Dear Fatshark, first of all, thank your for Chaos Wastes, they’re awesome.
Good that you didn’t put them behind a paywall as well.

As much as I love all the new content and the new weapons,
I think some old, core content should get some more love.

With my choice of titles you will most likely already know what I mean with this.

Many of the base game’s weapons have skins that look awesome, but have no red skin variant of them. I.e. the Deepwood Claw for Kerillian’s Glaive or Saltz’s Weischbach, Truthseeker, Schluesselschloss and Estalian Rapiers.

All of these look awesome, but don’t have the same glamour as truly shiny skins.
Am I mistaken in my assumption that this would be a relatively simple and straightforward endevour?


I’d love to have the blue effect on red weapons, regardless of their skin.
Or perhaps a two-part illusion : the appearance on one hand and the flair on another.