Red Weapon Suggestions

I have noticed that many of the red weapons could look a lot more unique and interesting and I hope in the future you will consider revamping them. I am grateful for the increase in drop rate but I feel that players would enjoy these red weapons more if they were more unique rather than simply having an existing illusion that glows. Perhaps creeating new illusions for these red weapons down the line would be more enjoyable. Just a few examples… Kruber’s red mace/shield utilizes the default shield that is glowing a bit. This is a waste of potential. Why not at least utilize a different looking shield? Also, I know you are aware that several reds do not look any different than their non-red counterparts or share skins between weapons (e.g., swift bow/hagbane). Anyhow, all of this could be fixed if you could take some time to create some unique skins. I know this takes time but I just hope you consider it for the future.

Thank You

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