Terrible red illusions

There’s tons of weapons where you can’t even tell if it’s red or just a basic skin (as in NO illusion at all), I have a swiftbow, a hagbane and a longbow and one elven spear out of 2 where the red glow is so invisible it covers maybe 5% of the surface and anyone looking at my weapon will have a really hard time figuring out it’s red.

When is this going to be fixed? What are your artists working on and how could you even release the skins in this form? I know there are plenty of other weapons out there that have really bad red illusions like halberd but I haven’t seen it myself.

Honestly, to hell with some umgak glowing. i’d rather the reds were unique skins even if they weren’t trying to impress me with underlighting. Just make them look interesting instead of just putting a dumb lightshow on them like it’s for a five year old.


A good example of this is the dual axe red skin that’s just a 2x carbon copy of the 1h Axe red skin despite the fact that the weapons have completely different descriptions making it clear they’re not supposed to look the same. Makes you feel cheated.


red weapon glow is ugly i never use them illusions

I actually liked the red weapons’ appearances in VT1 a lot. The ones I saw (aside from Sienna’s staves) were quite simple, practical-looking designs, seemingly made for use and not ceremony, and not just magicced-up versions of other stuff either. They also looked unique. Reikland’s Razor and Okri Az come to mind as two well-used examples. I would love to get those as illusions in VT2, and would vastly prefer those to at least some of the existing red illusions. While light blue glow does look somewhat cool, it tends to look somewhat unimaginative and I think the VT1 designs fit the game better too.


I’d rather have both: Quality, unique design with a well implemented glow. Some do a decent job imo but there are a few where it’s just a normal skin with a blue glow slapped on it and others where the red w/o the glow looks worse than non-reds.

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There are only 2 Conflagration staff skins in the game, and the red versions of either of them don’t look great, and definitely do not stack up against the majesty of the half-skeleton Weltbrenner staves.

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Love all the skeleton staves from V1 but they’re def a bit much haha they take up a huge portion of your screenspace.

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