New Red Illusion system

While looking at the Weapon skin gallery on the wiki, I was thinking about something.
Red weapon look badass, that’s a fact (well an opinion but still), the blue shine is awesome.
BUT a lot of the other illusion also looks damn cool.

So what about… Making red weapon having that blue shine everytime, not illusion based, and therefore allow us to apply our illusion on the reds, so we can have perfect skin with perfect light.
This is a bit of work (as it require a second set of “illusion” to make, and obviously a bit of coding) but I think this will make Fashiontide pretty awesome :3

(Still no red for me tho, but when I’ll, I hope I can have a shiny Ambusher Galria. Just imagine this with blue light :3)


Totally agree… or other illusions will be useless!

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