Small flair idea (a mod version would be welcome too)

I noticed that after I got the Bogenhafen exec sword skin, and crit with it.
What if red illusion added few coloured trails on your swings (normals or crit one, able to turn it on and off).
For example if I crit with my exec sword, I’d have the orange trail, but it would also have purple parts on the trails, due to the purple “runes”.

Obviously I’d prefer FS to actually make unique red illusion, but if they want to keep going with the recolour, this could be a pleasant addition :3


Some may argue that this would cause some unwanted screen clutter if everyone was running around with weapons that leave a trail of light when they get a crit. I always turn the setting off as soon as possible so I am not entirely sure but does screen blur not create a similar effect?

Would the light trail be visible to the player only or everyone else in the party?

Like you, I would love to see some more weapon skins in the future but I imagine there are a lot of hoops to jump through to get the skins approved by GW. I remember several posts in past highlighting the relationship between FS and GW where everything relating to lore essentially had to be approved by GW before it could be rolled out (glowing red eyes on screaming bell getting axed for example). Still hoping I can get some new 2h hammer skins for my melon smashing IB though :smiley: .


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