Halberd kruber Illusions... poor work fatshark

After 546 hours I got the halberd red illusion. I was happy but… only this? really? Oh, man! you are kidding me, for sure. This is not a professional work.
I have the ‘Battlebond’ but the same is for ‘Gilded Glory’

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Well, pretty much all the blue glow illusions were just made into purple glow illusions for the Bogenhafen DLC, and that´s it. Lazy, kinda lame, and the purple looks pretty terrible on most weapons imo, but personally, my aesthetic senses are rather offended by how immensely ugly this entire halberd design is. It looks like a part of a crappy cosplay of a kids´ fps character.

I know that both design are the same with different color. My point is the glow design it self, its really simple :confused:

Then you kinda did a terrible job at getting that point across, partially since you never used the words “design,” “pattern,” or “glow”. But you might be onto something, the entire design is so ugly I never considered the glowing pattern might be making it even worse rather than redeeming it.

Sorry. I didn’t use glow because Battlebond and Gilded Glory are the names of the illusions with glow.

Yeah, but I assumed you meant this whole design and partially that they recycled it twice for red illusions. But we are understood now, and that´s what matters :slight_smile:

My english is not very good :wink:

Dont worry! They are already working on a yellow glow AND different coloured wood for the handle.
Just a few more months and a 9,99 DLC.



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