Appliying bogenhafen skins to reds?

Finally got that very unique and exclusive bogenhafen halberd skin which by no means looks the same as doom on a stick or gilded glory with but a blue glow… But as it seems, reds can’t have new skins attached. is this a joke or am i missing something. pls tell me im missing something. I can’t handle anymore cringy jokes

Check whether you have an old Illusion on it, and whether the weapon is equipped on any Career. Both prevent applying Illusions.


It’s a no go. Neither works. No career has it equipped and and I cant find it on the extract illusions list.
I assume it’s a bug then.

thx though

Neither implies two. Do you not his third class unlocked?

I was referring to both options yzneftamz asked about but I can see why you didnt fully get that with what I wrote.
But yes I do

I have applied a few Bogen skins to reds.
My procedure was:
Make sure weapon is not equipped on anybody.
Extract old illusion.
Apply Bogen illusion.

My friend was able to apply his Bogen halberd illusion BUT I can not be 100% sure it was a red Halberd that he applied it to. I will try to remember to ask.

I know red halberd skin was bugged for quite some time and as of 1.2 FS handed out red illusions for this issue.
Maybe there is some weird interaction with red halberds and illusions due to this?

Also, I have seen a few bug report threads of people not being able to extract illusions since 1.2.

Slightly off topic:
I am not at home to check and this post made me think of it.
What happens to your red when you pull the illusion off it?

I got it to work. kind off.

Got a duplicate red halberd which I attached the illusion to without issues.
Extracted it from the duplicate to see if that i might be able to attach it to the first red then, but no. Something off with that first red halberd.

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