Strongbox illusions of red weapons lost?

I finally edit, after the anwser of mr_sp1ce, he told me I did not win red weapons (like first I believed) but illusions for them.

He was right it seems, but I checked every illusions I was supposed to have newly available, and I don’t see some of them.

For exemple the dual daggers for elf, I can’t apply any illusion on it on the right tab. Does it mean I have no illusion available for it?

This is not weappn, thats only illusion

Thank you you are right :facepalm: (by the way, they did not make it simple to distinguish visually)

Finally I checked illusions, you are right, but I found out I miss some of them.

There are some similar posts on steam forum :slight_smile:

You have to unequip weapon from all careers to be able to attach illusion to it, otherwise, it will not be shown in “apply illusion” list


Ok thank you ! (Yes I did, I just forgot to extract first the current illusion on my red weap to get it ready to apply another, without it does not show up in the list).

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