Does using one of the Bögenhafen Illusions make them disapear forever?

Just opened 10 Bögenhafen crates, and got a fair few of the new red illusions, the one with the purple glow. I was wondering, if I Were to apply these illusions to an orange item (I don’t have reds for some of the weapons), would they get removed from my account so I couldn’t re-use the illusions once I get the specific red item, or can you apply the illusion to more than one item, or just extract the illusion from the weapon you first applied it to? Sorry for confusing post, I just don’t want to spend some cosmetic, that will seemingly be half impossible to get more of as soon as you’ve done the new challenges.
Thanks for any assistance.

You can just extract the illusion no worries. A lot of people don’t know that about reds frankly because Fatshark is cruel with it’s drop rates.

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