Howdy, I’ve noticed that illusions aren’t permanent. I’d like to know why. They’re purely cosmetic, and shouldn’t be a one time use. I also would like to know if the new Bogenhafen illusions are permanent or also a one time use.

Um… what?? They are permanent.

Do you mean you can’t apply the illusion to more than one weapon at the same time?

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currently, illusions can be applied to a similar item type. the item must have no current illusion applied to it before the new one can be put on it.

once you apply an illusion, you can remove it,it will still remain in your illusions inventory.

a single illusion can be used only on 1 item at a time, it cannot be applied on to multiple items.

illusions last until removed on weapons, they are ‘permanent’ in that way.

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I think he means that you can’t extract a red illusion and apply it to another item, and still have it glow. Red illusions lose their glow when you apply them to other items.

I haven’t tested it with the bög DLC illusions, I’ll take one off an item later and try to apply it to another.

The plan (pretty soon) is to have illusions work as “unlocks”, so you unlock an illusion upon obtaining one, be it through a Bogenhafen chest or attached to a weapon from a regular box, and at that point it’s able to be applied to multiple weapons. It wouldn’t be possible to obtain duplicates as, well, they’ll be unlimited use. No need to extract them and consume inventory space. There would still be a cost associated with applying the illusion to a weapon, but you won’t need to juggle them around the weapons. Just pick a weapon, pick the ‘design’ you want, and away you go.


This would be so lovely!


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