Vermintide 2 Cant find the illusion i pulled from a chest

Issue Summary: I pulled a Scarloc’s Longbow From a bogenhafen chest and I tried to apply it but I can’t find it anywhere, I checked all my different bows but it cant be applied to any of them. Is there anyway i can get reimbursed the skin?.

Is the longbow you’re trying to apply the illusion to equipped to any of your hero careers?

You sure that was the illusion that you got from the Bogen Box?

I’ve received 2 DLC illusions on staffs (bolt staff and fireball staff) for wizard but when I applied them on default weapons (the ones that have 5 power lvl) and then after extraction they disappeared and I don’t have them in my list of illusions anymore. So Fatshark, can you please fix this bug and give my illusions back.

The illusions will now have the item quality of the default weapons (as illusions inherit the quality of the last item they were extracted from). Check further down your illusion list.

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