Bogenhafen chest - didnt get skins

I’ve just opened my few bogenhafen chests, i’ve got armor skin on my Zealot - i have it, and illusions on weapons - sword for elf and bow, also hammer on dwarf and something on Kruber, the problem is - i have only Zealot armor, the illusions didnt appear in illusion crafting menu, even if i choose that weapons, i just dont have that skins, what we can do about this?

Could you try restarting Vermintide 2 if you haven’t already, please? Sometimes a simple restart is all that’s needed. :slight_smile:

Restarted 3 times already! :slight_smile:

The weapons appear in your ‘Apply Illusion’ inventory screen, correct? I ask as weapons must be unequipped across all heroes and careers for them to be modifiable.

Please send me the URL to your Steam profile and we’ll have a look.

I have no idea how to pm u so i’ll just paste my steam id here. And yes you are correct here. My steam url is :

Thank you. I’ve had a look at your account and all Illusions appear to be in your inventory as expected. The items you received were:

Dread Draich - Sword Illusion, Kerillian
Skyclaw - Longbow Illusion, Kruber
Kladkrak - Hammer Illusion, Bardin
Aldthrund - Handgun lllusion, Bardin

And a Hero Skin for Kruber, and another for Zealot.

Thanks for you help! And Magicly i can see them now, just like that. I dont understand that xD

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