New red tier weapons from the DLC chests are MISSING!

I opened 6 purple chests and got 2 character skins and 4 Red tier weapons. When i went to check them out on my characters, I could only find the character skins available.

All 4 of the weapons were missing!!!

Anyone else having this problem??? Could this be tied to having mods active in my game? The only mods I have installed are the OFFICIAL ones that Fatshark approves!

What can i do to help resolve this issue?

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Same here

They´re illusions, not weapons.

The items from the Bogenhafen Strongboxes are all cosmetic so it’s pretty certain the bits you’re looking for are illusions.

So I do have the same problem… opened new chests, got (among others) a dual dagger skin, and tried applying to my lvl 300 weapon which didnt work for whatever reason. Then i tried applying it to a 299 weapon which did work.
After deciding that it looks great (it really did) i extracted the illusion, to find out it vanished :confused: Not entirely sure what to do, but I d really like to have it back.

Any suggestions?

So you would need to unequip the 300 item from your heroes before you can apply the illusion to it. When you extracted the illusion from your 299 item, the illusion will have inhereted the “item quality” of the 299 item (it’s still the same illusion but now coloured in your UI the same as the item you removed it from) so look further down the list.

It’s a bit convoluted sure. We’re looking to make the illusion system a little more intuitive.


Well, now I feel kinda stupid since this is exactly what was described before.
I applied every single skin one after another, and finally found it again :slight_smile:
Thanks for you help

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