New skin from new chest dissapear

Hello devs.
I got a violet skin for elf longbow from new bogenhafen chest, and i decide to have a look at it and apply this illusion to basic weapon blueprint. Then i extract it back, it disapear, cant find it in illusion storage. Help me pls. :slight_smile:

When you apply red iluusion to white weapon and extract it later, it becomes white for some reason. So if you have mess in your illusions list look closer for it.

I had the SAME PROBLEM. I opened 6 purple chests and got 2 character skins and 4 Red tier weapons. When i went to check them out on my characters, I could only find the character skins available.
All 4 of the weapons were missing!!!

@choppytime the Bogenhafen chests do not drop weapons, they drop illusions for you to apply to existing weapons.

Yes. I find it, thx. It becomes white.

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