Forgotten Weapon Illusions

So first of all im very happy for the Illusions to be finaly added to the main game!

BUT! … right now it seems that there is a bug so that you actualy dont get all the Illusions aswell as some of the old ones are actualy missing now.
For example we get the new amazing red Griffifoot pistol for Victor … but somehow we lost the old red skin!
Also some of the Illusions are missing … for example for Markus we get the new orange version of the shield and spear … but not the new red one?
Would be nice to actualy get all of them :slight_smile:


Oh good, it’s not just me.

Yeah, I seem to have lost a few of the skins for some reason on the new weapons. I’d like to have all of them :<

It feels like I don’t have anything new, I at least don’t have what’s in the news post about giving us missing illusions.

Can anyone that’s reasonably confident they have them all post pictures of what we were given?

The news post covers a lot of words but still isn’t clear what we were given, especially as I’m sure there are still illusions that these weapons get from Chaos Wastes shrines that we don’t have illusions for.

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Hedge and a couple of others are looking in to this right now!

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Spear and Shield

I have :

  • Recruit’s Spear and Shield (grey)
  • Riverman’s Spear and Shield (blue, new)
  • Grauber’s arms (red)

I’m missing :

  • Dantov’s Guard (red)


I have :

  • Beardling’s Debgrozthrund Trolldrengi (grey)
  • Drakkenrar (orange, new)
  • Grobbok (red)

I’m missing :

  • Bugritbok (red)

Moonfire bow

I have :

  • Greenleaf’s moonfire bow (grey)
  • Waystalker’s shadow bow (orange, new)
  • The voice of Lileath (red)

I’m missing :

  • Cadai-galand (red)


I have :

  • Templar’s griffon-foot (grey)
  • Marienburg griffon-foot (orange, new)
  • Meffler’s never-fail crowd controller (red)

I’m missing :

  • Gunner’s judgement (red)

Coruscation staff

I have :

  • Sputtering coruscation staff (grey)
  • Staff of the cursed north (shows as red in inventory but has no blue highlights, new)
  • Elvarin’s rod of destruction (red)

I’m missing :

  • Aqshy’s lament (red)

Hope that can help.

I have all the red illusions equipped, perhaps that also has an influence on the fact I still have them ?

You can actually see an exhaustive list of weapon illusions in the armoury mod, with 3D models :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for posting a full list, much appreciated :slight_smile:

I had issues with the model viewer crashing the game for certain weapons after Chaos Wastes came out so I stopped messing with it.

I crashed when selecting either the javelin or the Deepwood staff when they came out and haven’t tried again since

Well i checked earlier, right after the patch came out, and i literaly only had 1 red illusion for the griffinfoot pistol.
In Addition to that the pistol that i had that skin on just simply doesnt have it anymore

See I was doubting my sanity. while I wasn’t a fan of them, I was certain I’d crafted an orange pair and put the illusion on them like I did with everything else, but in my case, I may just be lazy and didn’t bother…

Looks fixed after I just logged back in.

Thanks for staying late for those that got the update out (or just thanks if no lates was needed)!


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Yup, same.
I’ve got them all now :smiley:

The Staff of the Cursed North illusion for Sienna’s coruscation staff still shows as red though.

ya mine is fixed aswell

thanks for the quick work fatshark team :slight_smile:

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