Red Illusion Missing

First world problems.

So, I finally get a red and it’s a volley crossbow for Saltzpyre… and it looks exactly the same as a white version of the weapon. Fatshark, what the hell are you doing?

All I’ll say is there better be an update to provide all the missing red illusions on every item that has already dropped for everyone before you put out the DLC you’re expecting people to pay for. No more money from me until I get my shinies… and yes I’m that shallow. This is the only end game there is and I at least expect reds to look unique.

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Consider yourself Rick rolled LOOOOL

I know that also other players have this problem… I think Fatshark will fix it.

yeah I stopped opening boxes on Kruber because the halberd doesn’t even have an appearance and its the only red slot left for him… time to gear my elf I guess rip

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