Craftable Reds - Please consider a rethink on the illusion issue

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic that we can now get max rolled items (functional reds, I guess would be a good term), but not giving the player the red illusion is a mistake in my opinion.

Lets remember, the issue is that many players are getting large numbers of duplicate reds. From what I can tell (and certainly this is the case for me), is that players are not that bothered about being 1% off from max rolls. They are bothered by the fact that they are not getting those swanky illusions.

While I understand the thinking behind keeping Red illusions exclusive to “found Reds”, I feel this is a mistake. Like I said above, a major part of the issue is not getting the illusion, and this solution doesn’t really solve that problem. It’s still totally possible to play the game for a thousand hours and have multiple missing reds, and about a jillion repeats of the same illusion.

I don’t think anyone would be unhappy if upgrading an orange weapon to a red also gave the player the illusion for that weapon.


For me, I am fine with it.
I actually like some of the weapon illusions that are not glowy. Now I can have Uzkulaz(spelling?)(Bardins awesome looking 2h axe) with max rolls!

Also will give me a chance to apply some of the Bogen illusions to maxed roll items as well.
Before I was only applying Bogen illusions to dupe reds. Now I can have blue glows and purple glows of the same weapon.
IMHO this change is very synergistic with the Bogen Box illusions.


this is because of dlc. buy dlc, then you will get all illusion with time

Oh no, you can’t have your jedi glowstick.

Honestly, it’d be worse if you got the illusion. Then people with reds would get really agitated, but instead of admitting that the source of their discontent is the fact they no longer feel special, they’d air it out on a variety of other things that may or may not be deserving of being the reason they don’t want to play the game anymore.

And I’d be unhappy, actually. I already upgraded a few of my weapons, and I’d even remove the runes from the few that dropped, but unfortunately they all happen to have really good base illusions, which I’d like to keep. However, removing the illusion reverts it to the default skin. This glowstick garbage has no place in this game, and i can’t wait for the day they sanction the mod that lets you turn it off, period.


I’m fine with this, and you can just stick the purple DLC illusions on them. Most legend Deed runners do care about max stats, because we need to hit them breakpoints.


I’m not saying force the Red illusion, I’m saying give players the option. I just can’t see a good argument against this. I can’t see what withholding the red illusion is adding to the experience, apart from more frustration.

And yes, of course max stat rolls matter, I’m saying that I doubt that’s the thing that was really bothering most people.


Meh…just glad I can upgrade to reds don’t care about illusions. Illusions are boring they just glow blue or purple. I wish it was a little more varied like some weapons have elemental particle effects or daggers look like gutter runner daggers or something unique like that.


I just want to say I am very bothered about not having perfect rolls on my weapons, when you want to make builds to hit multiple breakpoints you want every percentage you can get. More than that it’s the time spent to roll an item where you can spend an hour and hundreds of shards and still not get the combo you want at reasonable percentages.

Red skins are cool to have but are not a need and I’m fine getting them as I get them through chests. Sure maybe I’ll never find a specific skin, but if I can get every skin I want, so can everyone else and they no longer hold any real worth to me, it would just be the default uniform for Legend players.


I don’t understand… is this a bug? Because all my red duplicates have their bright illusion.

I think it’s a half measure. The main reason you’d want the illusions on the crafted weapons is so you have some time-bounded way of getting the illusions you want. The same argument is true with reds and max rolls.

So now you can craft for the max rolls, but the only way to get the illusions is still through pure RNG. Chests still drop duplicate reds, duplicate illusions, and too much jewelry.

Since I already have either a red or well-rolled oranges for most of my builds, this crafting system effectively does nothing for me. So yeah, it’s an improvement, but it feels like a half measure.


I believe what he means is the reds/vetetan items you can now craft do not have glowing illusions. They retain whatever illusion they had before they were upgraded.

You can however apply a red/veteran illusion just like usual.

i would like to suggest a additional crafting option that allows the player to craft the red they want with the illusion

make this 2nd option really expenisve to craft : for example 25 reds or 30, or what ever you think is a good number to not just hand them out for free.

in my case : the new crafting system will do nothing for me, i am missing a total of 5 items
all of those 5 items i allready have max rolled /or so close to a max roll that it doesnt make a diffrents

Just to point out that you’d still be able to do these things if crafted Reds had blue-glow illusions. This isn’t an argument against reds with illusions.


Thanks for the information… so I totally agree with the OP.

Agreed. Red crafting should include the illusions.

I have nothing I really need to craft at this point and I can’t even get the red cosmetics. Cosmetics aren’t a great incentive for me, personally, but at least it would be something. Oh well, I guess I can collect red dust?

They should give you an option to snort dust before a map for a buff or something. Then I’d have something to spend it on…


+1 Agree with OP. If you put in the time to play and get the duplicate reds to craft into a red you should be able to get the red illusion as well. After all, you have to salvage 5 reds which is a lot for a red with no skin. Hope Fatshark see’s this and adds it before it goes live if possible.


It would be nice if any weapon skin would glow when applied to a red weapon rather than 1-2 specific skins per weapon. That way you can have the super baller Estalian or Arbiter’s Rapier with glowy bits instead of the default scuffed surplus weapon skin. For me, the model > glowy bits.


Illusions are useless garbage imo

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I don’t mind crafted reds not having red illusions, which is not an arguement for this system, just simple acceptance if it turns out this way. Sure, it would be better if the upgrade included the illusion as well and I also understand FatShark’s reasoning for not including it. I’m sure they wanted to leave something for the boxes as well, no matter how much we all cringe about the RNG loot system.

To be honest, I’d allow crafting red illusions for 5 Bright Dusts. This means you’d have to altogether dish out 10 Bright Dusts for a red weapon and its illusion. Also, allowing to craft the red illusion separately would allow players to go for the looks if that’s what they prefer and are not interested in the perfect rolls of the red weapon itself. (For example, I have an orange Drakepistol with perfect rolls, the red dropped, so I just moved the illusion over and didn’t bother with rerolling the red.)

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That’s a bit a bandaid though. Without dupe protection, there’s a chance that you would just craft an illusion you have already, and if there were dupe protection, we wouldn’t be having as many loot/RNG related fires as we do now.

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