Back To Ubersreik DLC weapons - red skins legend-exclusive

Frankly, I a, very disappointed about this.

Remember how much of a fuss (justified so, imo) was made about crafted red weapons not gaining the illusion? Well then, at least we have the chance to have some to drop from emperor champion as well as commendation chests.

However, the red illusions for the new weapons are acquired only by playing on legend difficulty. Also, to make the weapon itself red, it requires the use of crafting with red dust.

All in all, this looks like the stuff is aimed directly and only at the high end players who run legend all day long and sit on piles of red duplicates (or dust salvaged thereof).

I don’t think there is anything wrong with aiming a Veteran tier grade item at seasoned players to strife for. Almost as if Red illusions are end-game content.

You can still get the item itself reasonably easily and also get another illusion for it apart from the Red one.


It’s not aimed at any kind of player group it’s just simply done for grinds sake.

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Frankly I think having it as a challenge is so much better than locking it under RNG.


People will always be disappointed.

I personaly think it’s a better system than before.


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