Question about Bogenhafen Illusions

Hi. Sorry if this is already answered, but I have a question.

I have a perfect stat glaive (orange) for Kerillian, and I managed to get a red illusion from a Bogenhafen box. If I apply this red illusion to the orange glaive:

a.) Would the orange weapon be converted to red weapon?
b.) If yes, if I re-roll this weapon’s stats, would it have perfect stats like a red weapon, despite the fact that it originally came from an orange rarity?

Thank you.

For both no

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Thanks a lot for this. That’s a bit sad. By this, I mean that it would be great if the weapon themselves will turn into red rarity given the fact that the boxes themselves are rather limited in numbers and the specific illusions for the weapon that you want are very hard to get due to RNG. It would also probably solve the community’s issue regarding red drop rates too.

But then again, we can only dream.

Yeah i was disapointed too becuz i thought new dlc red would coming with preventing dupe but all we got is just glowing changed and 25 weekly for 1 chest

But fatshark try to communicate us and weekly became reasonable

I think next dlc will give us new designed red, not just illusion but real item

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