Ubersreik weapons entering loot pool?

Is there any plan to have the new Back To Ubersreik weapons added to the loot pool? I don’t play often enough nor am I lucky enough to get enough reds to scrap for the dust to upgrade them. It’d be nice if once you unlocked them they were added to the loot pool or something.

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Nope, it’s good as it is. Not everything has to fall in your lap.


While I have nothing against the current system (at least there’s some use for my ~6k Scrap), but I wouldn’t say no to occasionally getting the new weapons randomly too. I could even appreciate it - if they came with a few more Illusions (red or not).


They said that new equipment won’t come in the existing boxes, so people don’t have to hoard them anymore.
I doubt they’ll go back on that anytime soon without a more serious reason.
What’s the point of a red anyways, I got near perfect rolls in less than 50 tries so far.

yeah i guess i’ll just have to start rolling and praying to rngeesus. i usually have shite luck when it comes to rerolling properties

not sure how getting loot at random out of the boxes is it falling into my lap but thanks for constructive reply

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Emperor vault drop chance on red is around 15-20%, so you literally have better chances to get any 5 reds that you scrap to make the new red weapon as getting the weapon itself as loot.

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Well adding them to the loot pool after you bought the dlc would just be a good thing as they could treat them exactly the same as other weapons. A few more illusions are easily done as these weapons are just the combination of two others. I would even go so far to say that if you own both dlc you now should be able to unbox pink dual wield illusions from there. I do not use any glows at all but I think a Bögenhafen user should be able to get an entire deck of purple if he so desires. Also this can prolong the lifespan of these boxes because they will run out of droppables at some point. Updating them with other dlc stuff as well as not yet purpelized base game illusions will be a good thing.

I don’t think that FS should concern themselves with if people horded boxes or not. In case that’s such a huge point they could make that only boxes earned after date xy are able to drop the new stuff.


Which they can’t, without creating a new type of box.
At which point, people that did all challenges already will complain that new players get better lootboxes than they got.
And if they don’t, then someone like me could just get all the new items and skins for them within the hour after buying the DLC - and then, in case I just care for those items, refund the DLC, and keep the items.
I know this is a matter of personal preference, but I actually much prefer the unlock system for those new items - it gives me something to work for, and while I’m not into grinding, this is a nice change of pace for as long as it lasts. If only those weapons weren’t all so cheesy.
I hope that future DLCs will also feature weapons you have to work for. Maybe upgradeable traits or something.

By the time you slay all 4 lords for the red skin, you also get the 1k kills with the weapon, so basically you had to play 7 times to get the weapon and both illusions. Any less work than this, would be to get the red weapon upon DLC purchase in the inventory…

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Except that you still have to be lucky enough to have 30 reds to burn.

or unlucky enough :wink:

I just think they should include dlc weapons to non-dlc owners cause half of them are the best weapons we have atm.
The way we get them is irrelevant.
You can scrape enough dust to get an orange if you don’t play enough.

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