Question about RED drops (non dlc skin) after you've already crafted it


So I have over 1000 + hours and I’ve tweaked my reds and crafted what I’ve needed. However, I’m still trying for RED drakfire guns and Pick even though I’ve crafted them. I know the illusion can drop for DLC (I have one for my pick) but I would like to know if the regular RED will drop even though I’ve crafted the weapon. I’d prefer the blue skin for my drakefires and pick.

I know duplicates used to drop because I’ve gotten the Drakegun (flamethrower) 7 times… but I haven’t played for a few months. No definitive patch info on this (I’ve looked) I’d like an actual answer from Fatshark if possible.

Yes. It will drop even if you have crafted it. I crafted around 15 red weapons because I was getting so many duplicates of other weapons. Finally after 1300+ hours, finally got my Red Ex Sword for Kruber yesterday. All the other weapons I have crafted I got as well. It’s just RNG being RNG


Yes, you can still get it from boxes even if you have crafted one.

Dude, isn’t that always the way? It was so frickin long before I got a red XSword on Kruber, and I still have never gotten a red Rapier for Saltz - the Bogenhafen skin for it was also literally the very last skin I got.

yea, I opened vaults on Kerillan for nearly 600 hours before I finally got my Red glaive. XD As in, I only opened up vaults on her… And I’m still missing a red dual sword illusion despite getting 6 of them, lol. But for the most part, all the weapons I actually wanted I didn’t get until the 800-1200 hour mark of gameplay. Except for Salty, I opened I think 20 chests on him and got my red Rapier, BoP, Xbow and volly Xbow.

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