Both Kruber Executioner Red Illusions still drop? Missing one

Hello Fatshark,

I’ve been opening Legendary and Champion Emp chests with Kruber for a few months now and I’ve gotten the same “Carroburg Honour-Blade RED illusion” for the exec sword 3 times. Does the “Von Mecklenburgs Revenge RED illusion” still drop? It’s the only one I’m missing. Game suggestion: alternate duplicate red item illusions?

Vormar Mishap

The Carroburg Honour-Blade RED illusion pic (lightsaber look?)

Von Mecklenburgs Revenge RED illusion pic (so much kewler looking)

RNGesus is just screwing you over, it does still drop.
Similar to how it took forever for me to get red dual daggers or sword & shield when I’ve gotten nearly all other reds.

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Ah, ya Saltspire’s RED crossbow illusion took me a few weeks to get. I got so excited when I saw another Kruber red exec sword, thinking it was the 2nd one… NoOoOoo… :cry:

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just be patient. It took me since release until couple days ago that i received the Loethlans Woebringer Skin for Kerry!! The last Illusion i was missing in the Game… XD

What i did, i played with other classes aswell and opened chests with kerry until i got it

Hello Roibr,

Yes, I open all chests with Kruber even if I got them with other characters.

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Can any gamers confirm this still drops ?


Can confirm. I got one maybe a month or two ago.

I have almost 2000 hours in this game (I think), most of which were spent on Legend / Cata. I must have opened hundreds if not more than a thousand vaults. I’m still missing two illusions. There are people with way more hours and vaults than me who are missing more. The chance that you get a red item is pretty good, but because there is no dupe protection or weighted chance the chance that you get a specific red item out of all possible weapon illusions and jewelry is really bloody bad. I could open a thousand more high level vaults, and the odds that I still won’t get those two illusions is very, very realistic. It’s just basic random distribution calculation. The horrible RNG is simply a significant flaw in the loot system in this game. The weapon still drops, you probably aren’t even super unlucky in a mathematical sense, but we’re all just unlucky that this is the loot system in this game.

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Ah yes. I did get 2 other red EXEC swords but they didn’t have the on Mecklenburgs Revenge illusion. I’m just wanting to confirm someone else has gotten it recently. Anyone ? :slight_smile:

It does still drop. I have both of them.


I’m still waiting on his 2h hammer illusion, Crusher, for like 3 years now so I do feel your pain.

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Bad RNG unfortunately. It tooke me 2k hours to get the red halberd illusion for Kruber, which I wanted to have since release of the game. Sadly unlike vermintide 1, red drops dont have dupe protection in any way.

Duplicate protection would be nice , I know the hats are duping and taking inventory room =p

I got the Carroburg Honour-Blade yesterday, but I don’t have the other one. That being said, I’m missing lots of reds so I might not be the best one to know.

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I hate that illusion for the exec sword… I mean, what’s it suppose to be? I see a blue line right down the middle with no decoration. The artist think “simple but cool” or they just ran out of ideas? :roll_eyes:


Finally dropped. It took 5 months of farming to get this skin .

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The RNG is ridiculous. The last red illusion i needed was a 1h hammer skin. I opened every vault as Bardin and got 128 duplicates of stuff I already had before it finally dropped. 2.3K hours to get all red illusions. I hope the darktide isn’t so horrendously grindy.


That’s pretty good, I needed 2.8k hours to get all reds. :rofl:

I have like 4k hours and still missing 4 illusions, I remember my self opening something close to 450 vaults just to get 1 red flamestorm staff. Rng is quite bad.

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