Picture frames based on level past 35 ? (reply with ideas)

I dont know why people are so upsetty spaghetti over this.
Just another thing to go for if someone wanted it.

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I like it because it is the only new one, better than a copied V1 Sienna mace, the regular illusion as well as the weave illusion both are:

here they switched the handle at least:

I like the idea to do anything with those levels past 35. I’m a grinder and nothing bugs me more than numbers going up without anything to reach. Right now, overlevels could be removed entirely since they have no purpose (except for granting commendation chests which certainly could be solved differently). That’s sad.

I kinda enjoyed how Killing Floor 2 initially handled ‘prestige levels’. For Vermintide, it could be made that you trade in levels for one prestige level frame and every 100 levels spent would unlock another tier of that frame, almost like with the deeds frames. This can be capped at 1000 or 2000 or w/e amount and since it’s only one upgradeable frame players could work towards it any time, either by playing their ‘main’ character only or by scraping levels together from all their played characters.


I like those a lot, just not the Skull with spikes through the mouth tiny mace head that the red illusion has.

Oh wow, that’s a great idea! I totally agree with the +35 levels being worthless right now… it would give players something to work towards. :grinning:

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Hello Jay Jay

Ah yes, bad players with a frame because they were carried through a map… lol. It can happen, I’ve seen terrible players with a good frame that sucked. However, Deep rock galactic is um, filled with legit players :wink: https://www.cheathappens.com/ - quick levels, full stuff, etc… I like how V2 stops a lot of cheaters.

Anyway, the point of loyalty or level frames would be to show the player has put in time and at least knows the maps/books (at least I would hope so) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: It would also be a reward for players that keep leveling past 35, at the moment you just get commendation chests.

Agreed with all your illusion point of views. I’m still waiting for my stupid Kruber illusion for the exec sword (the kewl one) You can read my previous post here : Both Kruber Executioner Red Illusions still drop? Missing one


I have no life x 5 - pay no attention to the screenshots plz



Exactly my point :laughing:

How else am I going to let randos in QP know that I’m so much better a human being than them? Ego frames are extremely important

I’d rather they not be based on level because all that shows is time played. I’d rather they add more skill based frames. For example no hit runs, armor smasher (kill X number of armored in X difficulty), etc… Things like that would at least show what type of player you are. If you like playing anti armor builds you can equip a frame to show that etc… Even though you can kinda tell based on weapon and traits it’ll still be a cool aesthetic. I understand how people in video games can lean towards elitisms and exclude people from joining parties etc… but I’ve always been a fan of rewarding skill. Maybe add a vote feature like in other games where you can cast one vote to a party member saying they were helpful, skilled, etc… and give a frame for that.

Sorry for the word soup… I’m at work and I’m tired… lol

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lol, classic

‘Challenge’ frames like this just tell you how good players are at cheesing a game. Your examples made me immediately come up with strategies on how to get those frames without really trying. It’s the same with FoW frames, there were so many exploits since its release that the frame itself doesn’t indicate anything anymore.
Time spent on the other hand always tells you that someone dumped a lot of time and dedication into a game. And from what I can tell after two decades of gaming, if a player has somewhat reached a certain threshold of time spent in a game they’re highly likely to be better (or more engaged or more knowledgable about the game) than the unknown average.

X kills in X difficulty has same time lock as time played with the added skill lock of killing specific enemy. I’d argue time spent doesn’t say anything. There are people who have 300+ hrs spent in champion… At least with frames linked with actions will not only give cool frames but role specific frames etc… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against time locked frames. I’m just saying IDK how someone could cheese X enemies killed in X difficulty for example.

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I personally know people who had 700+ levels and 1000+ hours in VT1 and they genuinely didn’t know what that strange reversed noise actually was (the backstab sound). So the reason for my opinion is that I’me extremely skeptical about these kind of ‘indicators’. They just don’t tell anyone much. I’d rather see engaging and fun Steam achievements that you can collect and cherish yourself, share your progress with friends, but that are hard to use as a gatekeeping tool by the community of mostly young people.

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I hadn’t considered the gatekeeping or filtering aspect of it, as it definitely never crossed my mind.
If you play without a frame and get kicked from a lobby for it, it certainly is a blessing cause I don’t think you’d want to play with such douches anyway.

I’ll repeat my thought: in fact, they even don’t need to draw new frames!
There are dozens of frames hidden in the game files, which are still inaccessible. They must to use them, among them there are very good ones, and those that I really need.

eh … wrote this, and thought - what if this is hide frames for the VS mod? I really would not like that. I will not plan to play this VS.

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Hello Ghoth1chov1tch,

I’m not sure what you mean by unused or inaccessible frames? I think those are placeholders or frames that were given out specifically for events and such. Here is a link for the frames in wiki
Do they match the amount you’re talking about ?


Use the 2018 frames to show you’ve been loyal to the game if that’s what you want, because the Sonnstill, Champion of Khorne and Skelly Halloween one have only been available for those specific events at that time.

IF you haven’t got those frames you are a sub standard person, an embarrassment to your family and should be immediately kicked from every difficulty above Veteran. :roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:

People already have a superiority complex that their feedback is more relevant as they play CATA DWONS and therefore provide better feedback… which is of course absolute tripe. Giving people a frame that shows they’ve done hundreds if not thousands of hours cough then it’ll just give some pillocks a reason to be stupid - both in game and on here.

So I’m against the frame for hours completed.


No. Check this Steam guide, scroll down to the ‘Hidden Items’ section.

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