We Need an Epeen LVL

In Vermintide 1 we had this overall character level.
If you saw a dude over 300 you felt safe, if you saw a dude over 1000 you felt reverence.
Personally I kinda felt more safe around them.

Currently there’s only 1 thing that is not so easily obtained - the Fortunes of War frame. The issue with it is that way back then it’s possible to glitch it = lots of stolen glory here…

If FS could implement either an overall character level or, maybe, an achievement score it’d help to understand if that person you’re playing with is a noob or just a dumb rusher ;D

Are there any other ways you can understand that your QP partner is an old hand?

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It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to realize if someone is a potato or a legend. Just observe how they react to the situations around them.


Considering the wonderful discussions on the V1 board “Auto-kick for anyone under level 100”, I would rather not see something like this in the game. And yea, it was actually auto-kick because mods allowed this.

Vermintide 2 is an improvement in that regard. Let’s not go backwards.


You can tell within a couple of minutes if somebody is good or not by the way they play. I see plenty of morons with cata frames - I just assume they were carried by better players.


This FoW frame is not really a measure in that way you think. The FoW is a written stuff with static spawns in place and time. The key there to use the elevation, kite and avoid damage and chip the enemies away one by one. And have good aim, nothing more.

Best way to know it: see damage taken at the end compared to others. See how many kills the player has compared to others. I see lots of guys who rush, dies, and then on the scoreboard they complain about we are the worst, because we did no damage, but him. with a WS its not that hard, i know.

I alaways try to tell the others that when horde comes, fall back to a place where you can narrow them down, you wont be surrounded, etc. WSs like to ult vermin patrol on sight. Just an example: I told them we need to kill the patrol (i better deal with them rather them get killed when horde is on). Go to the ladder, because when we aggro, they need to climb, and when they do, we can kill them in a second. Elf aggroed them on plain, he got deleted in a second. Complained a lot that i have the FoW frame by the “cheesy way”… :smiley: sure, skill and brain get you win the game, not an OP career without any skill.

The problem with this in my opinion, is that FoW frame just tells you that a player could learn how that map works, and he/she had other 3 friends who could learn too. And of course they have some skill.
A player who uses the ping, looks out for other, stays back, when he sees that someone got back a little and wait for him not to get cought is a value on the team. Everyone has a bad mood, everyone plays bad on some days. I have the FoW frame as well, and we had much attempts, but after a 10ish, you realize how it works.

I think you guys all remember when cata came into the game. Everyone stayed close, looked out for each other, because this is a new diff, very freaking hard, and we need to work together to win. Now? If my friends and i cannot play together for some reason and i join in to randoms, i saw straying all the time. the 90% of these are fails. players cannot even dodge a hook. I remember i showed one of them that when you need to dodge, we didnt killed the hook for that. he got hooked 6 times in 10 mins.

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I would definitely say that we need more aesthetic signifiers that are merit based…but I think the idea of capping level displays at 35 is definitely the way to go.

Even as much as I like the 35 display cap, there’s definitely a part of me that would be tempted to kick a fresh level 35 player in Cataclysm runs when the next player could likely…and would likely be higher. Especially in a game where losing is such a drag on progression.

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Well, you guys have a point…
Playing QP is a gamble - sometimes you get a fancy-framed team killer, sometimes you get an MLG no frame person…

Well, yeah, but I’d think that the number of pple who have been carried through the FoW is diminutive and can be ignored. If you and your friends spend enough time to learn all the waves of the map - that’s a verry significant investment in my book.
Glitchers on the other hand…

absolutely true. if they abuse the exploit (if there’s any), then it can be seen in the second that he earned or just got it.

btw we had a complete wipe because of the game’s exploit to eliminate players: the sudden heart attacks. So good. at the end of the 7Th round. Fatshark quality stemp

I was brain aneuryzed last time I tried FoW, but I thought they had fixed that ? It was about 2 months ago perhaps ?

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