Vermintide could use a "pride / infamy" system after you reach max hero power

Just like PAYDAY 2, or multiplayer COD had long ago.

You get to max hero power, an option shows up and if you click it, you reset your hero power and gear. Start back at level 1, no gear, but people will know your current reset status and you could be rewarded with some cosmetics and minor perks. Just for bragging rights.

I don’t feel like WoM really nailed the reset attempt. I want to feel weak again. Feel challenged and get progression again.


Example of cosmetics: could be anything, a very stylish portrait, a colorful nickname. A unique skin. Or maybe just me keeping my illusions.
Example of minor perks: you run 1% faster. 1% curse reduction.

You know? It is cool when we veterans can show off that we are veterans.


No this is quite dumb. Even ingame you dont see real level after 35 so its dont promote toxic behaviour.
This game is player skill based (if you dont play elf) than how good your stuff is


Even just small stats such as these can be really impactful if you push too many in, so the system would have to be entirely on cosmetics and nothing else. If there is advantage to be gained then many will just see it as mandatory grind.

I personally don’t see the point at this stage of the games live cycle. I guess it could be good way to introduce constant flux of people into lower difficulties for a brief amount of time, but even then I think it should of been implemented back when we got +levels for our careers.


Don’t get me wrong. The idea is not to affect the gameplay for others, but instead give a influx of players for lower difficulties, yes, and a way for old players to enjoy the progression all over again.

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I see your intention, but it wouldn’t work for several reasons.

In Vermintide how well you do is for the biggest part dependant on player skill, not levels or gear. A Cataclysm-competent player playing Recruit with a power level 5 character =/= a new player. Playing low level is a snoozefest for the veteran, and playing with them will not be fun for the newbies. It’ll also be boring to have to unlock everything you had again before you can play with variety again. And the leveling up in Vermintide isn’t even really fun to start with. And how would gear level be handled? The power of stuff you pull from chests is account-wide, and even if you change that you’d have crafting mats aplenty to level your gear power up again easily. And then we haven’t even talked about the powercreep aspect if this half-baked prestige system affects non-cosmetic stuff…

There are some games in which such a system works. Vermintide just isn’t one of those, however. I really wish people would stop suggesting stuff for this game just because other games have it, without understanding that such stuff just doesn’t fit in the context of this game.


I see your intention as well, but you do realize that people will not be compelled to reset, right?
It will be only for people that want to progress all over again.
You can simply stay at max level and keep playing Legend/Cataclysm as you want, and eventually you will play with people that did reset and people who didn’t.

You are overthinking it. There is nothing wrong with giving more freedom and options for people.

About the gear level: total reset. For all characters.

Very few people would do it in this case, and by very few I literally mean some odd 10-20 odd people who really have nothing else to do with their lives.
Red farm by itself takes hundreds of hours of dedication so at most it would be developing resources for something that extremely minor amount of players would even consider.

The game is already on live support, balance patches happen maybe once a year so expecting some odd feature that very few would care for is really stretching it for this game.
Something like this is better reserved for Darktide or maybe Vermintide 3.


Putting your passive-aggressive tone aside, and ignoring the fact that you are pulling data out of your you know what, you re talking like red farming is something that everybody has as their final objective. That is obviously not true.
You re talking about yourself here. If you find red farm fun, go for it. This is a game after all. We are all here “losing precious time of our lives” while having fun, right? We are odd people that deliberately are taking our time to spend it having fun instead of working or exercising.
Once again, know that you are speaking for yourself.
I don’t care if you are the kind of singleplayer that can only focus on your own progress.
I brought at least 4 friends to this game in the past months and I spend the major part of my time doing lower difficulties with them, having fun with them, instead of being the odd guy that is obsessed with red shiny items. For me, and I’m pretty sure that at least other thousand of people, there is meaning in resetting their progress as well, just like it was a total success when implentend on PAYDAY 2, a game which also is totally focused towards PVE.

And about the dying support and your dramatic pessimism, why do you even bother follwing their forums still if you think it is going downhill from now on?
Just move on with your life. You are not even compelled to post in this thread. Just let it die.

Obviously I’m pulling some arbitrary data here but the fact is neither you or me know the true number of players who would even care for system such as you are proposing. However I’m pretty certain that most people are more interested at farming legend and reds than they are at resetting accounts for some arbitrary rewards. Legend is significantly more played difficulty than cata is so this would reflect that.

I actually don’t enjoy red farming, I have 90% of the available skins but that is mostly due to my times with this game (some odd 1400 hours) than actually farming them actively. Fact still is many enjoy it, many still find those red stats to be meaningful and it is end game for them.
I know for a fact based on multiple discussions in the past that no one really enjoys the leveling experience in this game. There is a reason why recruit now gives the same amount of experience as the highest difficulties, it wasn’t like that in the early days.

Because I still believe they are capable of making changes to this game and I want to be dam sure that my voice is heard about changes that I actually find impactful for majority of the players I play with.

Changes such as balancing, chaos wastes tweaks, careers, maps, etc. I personally do not see the need to waste time on a feature that I believe many will not care for in the slightest.

Either way if you are not prepared to defend your stance against some criticism then don’t bother replying.
(Yes now I’m passive aggressive)

Your entire view of the matter is based on your own impressions and intentions with this game. “I this, I that, Me, My voice, My thoughts”. Alright dude.
I’m not playing the ego game with you. And about the stance defense that I should be willing to do, I made this thread to suggest stuff for the devs, not to fight personal views with headstrong players.
If a dev wants to contest my suggestion, I will welcomely try to argue with them. Now, if a random dude comes to my thread calling “x” is odd, “y” is odd, and that my suggestion is a lack of having something else to do with my life, yes, this is a passive-aggressive behaviour that will gladly ignore and treat as a non-argument (except that I’m now taking my time to answer it).

It is funny how self-claimed diehard fans of videogames can’t grasp the concept of “freedom of choice” and how this doesn’t impact at all their own personal objectives with the game.

To sum it up, no one will put a gun on your head and compel you to do something you don’t want to. No need for hysteria.

As is yours so i don’t really see what point you are trying to make?

What ego game? I don’t know how long you have played this game but nearly every veteran player knows what the community is like. What i’m saying isn’t really something new, heck go make a topic on reddit and ask how many would be willing to reset account for stats or cosmetics.

Its funny how you cant grasp the idea that developing systems needs TIME, time that is spent away from stuff that matters for most. Like I said in my first post, I’m not exactly vehemently against the idea, I just don’t think its relevant to this game anymore especially in time where development is extremely restricted and there are more pressing issues than this.

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You can reset your level all you want, or whatever reason you want to make up, but if there is any kind of stats involved it means a hard no.

PD2 is a great example when it comes to the regularity of updates and DLC releases, or what highs a coop game can reach in terms of playercount. It doesnt make a fantastic one when it comes to balancing.

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If you open a support ticket I believe you can get an account reset. I vaguely recall such an instance where someone wanted to start the game fresh with a friend and that was the solution so that both could begin the game from absolute scratch. Don’t quote me on it, but might be worth looking into. Can’t see why you’d also want rewards along with it though.

Edit: also, uh… how does this work with rewards already received from timed events in the past? Some of the most valuable assets in terms of bragging rights are limited edition portraits that others have missed and can only gaze upon gnawed by envy when joining you.

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