Seems obvious

8 things:

  1. Why on earth the real level is not indicated like in Vermintide 1 instead of 30+XX ?! I want to see the real level behind the lvl 30 players. You could also show the heroe power.
  2. Why cosmetics and red items are so difficult to have. I have dropped only one red, with a 30+30 lvl player. I did play legends, a lot of champions, most of the time with 2 grims + 3 tomes + dices. Where are the mysterious cosmetics ?!
  3. the only red item i got have nothing different from a orange item except it is front end lvl 300 and max stat. Is that all ?? We expect a red item to be freaking special
  4. When you craft a item from blue to orange, it should not randomise the 2 first characteristics again etc.
    it should just add a new line.
  5. You could have customized the attack to make them different from one character to the other to make them more different and improving the experience. Here whether I take a elf or a dwarf it is the same basic attack with a sword.
  6. Why not increasing at least lifepoints after level 30 to give a sense to playing beyond level 30 ? as an example.
  7. Why not creating set items like diablo 3, chaos’s daggers + chaos’s trinket, etc. get a bonus if full set…
  8. why not a shop online to buy cosmetics like POE ? (so easy to get inspiration from POE / diablo 3…)

If, regarding the difficulty and the drop, all of this is again driven by the 0.01% of the geekie players, gathered in teams playing none stop 24/24, jobless, well you are missing the point 99% of players will never enjoy fully the game for a bunch of geeks.
You have to keep in mind most of the players randomly league with random players. The level is thus quite average. Vermintide keeps being a pretty frustrating game.
These geeks have already paid for the game. Let them stop playing and instead try to seduce new players by reinforcing the fun part, cosmetics etc. just look at Path of Exile to get inspiration.
Vermintide could be a great alternative to a diablo / POE experience. Dont take the path of making this game an elitist version for a bunch of hardcore gamers.

OVerall, great game, but so much that could be done to reach stratospheric level.


Displaying the level beyond 30 is largely irrelevant since it does not tell the other players anything useful. At 30 you have all talents unlocked and should be close to the Power Cap for any difficulty (or at 600).

One point of yours is the justification for the other. Reds are not a massive upgrade over oranges, thus they are not required. So they become chase items for Hardcore players (cause the urge to have a large blue glowing epeen is strong), also they are mostly there for convenience sake.


This is ridiculous. First off: the dwarf does not have a sword. Yes, there are some duplicate weapons in the game (Sienna and Kruber 1h Sword, Saltz and Kruber 2h sword, Kruber and Dwarf 2h Hammer). Other than that the weapons are heavily customized, with alternating attack patterns, per attack base damage, per attack armor modifiers, per attack base attack time, per attack stagger, per attack cleave, per attack crit modifiers, additional attributes (shield breaking, bonus crit chance), damage over time effects…

This would incentivice mindless grinding, rather than improving your level of play. As it is now the game forces you to “git gud” in order to progress. Just adding Liefpoints per level post level 30 would eventually that anyone could solo crazy deeds due to insane hp pools.
My experience was that I felt that the game really began once I reached 30. In the same way that in Diablo 3 the game really starts when you hit 70.

Item sets have benefits that are suited to a game like Diablo 3 which overall caters to a more casual. However they also have drawbacks. They limit build diversity for instance and reduce overall player choice.

Diablo 3 literally removed the auction house because it damaged the game to such a degree that Blizzard saw no other way. The biggest issue the auction house caused was that players stopped playing the game and spent the vast majority of their time just staring at the item lists in the auction house.
POE is a free to play game, which V2 is not. POE also does not have paid DLC, which V2 will have.
Lastly: By not selling cosmetics, Fatshark can use them to reward players for actually playing the game, which will keep players engaged with the game. Engaged players are more likely to buy DLC.

  1. this can be solved by mods if you really really want to see it, I believe.

  2. Cosmetics are under development let’s put it this way, there’s not enough to make them drop at a higher rate. Reds are just pure shitty rngs, I got like 5 after 300+ hrs while some people got 2 or 3 in a single chest.

  3. Reds give you max stats and a glowing skin, nothing freaking special really.

  4. Work as intended.

  5. Nothing they can do at this point, just think of it as how to use a weapon is a universal thing. Maybe they’ll add some poses stances gestures in the impossibly far future, don’t count on it.

  6. Every game has a cap, otherwise how do you balance the difficulty for a team of 3 level 30 and one level 300 in your case?

  7. The game is not Gear focused, so they put some new gear stats to give the game a rpg flavor, a sense of progression. Check how gear works in Vermintide 1, and you’ll see the difference.

  8. Already answered by devs, simple no.

I’m guessing a lot of it has to do with manpower and finances. The games you’ve mentioned have been out for more than 5 years now; this was released a month or two ago. Diablo 3 was developed by Blizzard with what are relatively near infinite resources poured into it. For a Blizzard game, it sucked beyond belief when it was released and continued sucking for a long time after.

While you could classify all 3 as hack and slash, there are some fundamental differences. This isn’t an ARPG. It wasn’t developed as a theory crafting/grinding simulator. This is much more interactive and engaging. You beating a boss does not depend on mindlessly farming money or legendary gear for hundreds of hours. Right now, that red you get is mostly a QOL thing, beyond aesthetics at least. In fact, I’d make the argument that in no way is POE catered towards the average player. In no way can you compete in POE without spending obscene amounts of time grinding, as well as paying for QOL things that become essential at some point and will probably be more than the one time payment you make here. So its kinda funny you give POE as an example for something that isn’t driven by the hardcore, elitist players. Who is it driven by? Casuals? I doubt it.

I’m curious what sort of progression you are talking about, as of now when you hit lvl 30 ( unless you hunt for reds/cosmetics ) there is no progression. I’m 70 something on my IB and cba to level any other char and there is nothing to actually do or hunt for. I have gotten 2 reds ( at lvl 30+52 ) for my Ib, both ranged weps.
I really hope something great will come out of the next patch/DLC as this game is drying out pretty fast. ( at least for me )

Done legend Skittergate with 3T/2G if that’s considered hardcore, but with the current AI Directory spawning hell left and right, whats the point?

What they could do here is to create an ingame currency that you have to farm for in order to spend them in the cosmetic shop, would cater to both sides imo.

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Dwarf does not have a sword. Also elf specifically has different attack patterns for both 1h and 2h sword than other characters.

Because that would make getting cosmetics unsatisfying, since you can always go and buy it instead of grinding. While some skins can be sold, a big chunk of them should be not.

The progression is getting better at the game.

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I really don’t se your point here. End game is farming Legend mission, something I allready do with my friends I’m playing with. So whats next? Once you farmed enough legend mission there is nothing left to do.

Depends on why you play. I play to enjoy feeling like a badass and take on hordes of skaven and chaos, have fun with friends and new people alike.

If you play to be a completionist or grind for loot this may not be the game for you.

  1. Diplaying lvl beyond 30: There is a massive difference between a player level 30 with heroe power of 350 and 80 hours played overall compared to a lvl 30 player, indeed 30+30 600 hp as an example with 200 hours played. but this is not reflected with the actual system. So I strongly disagree with the term “irrelevant”. in essence, a heroe lvl 30 hp 350 is half the power of the other lvl 30 hp 600… What the heck ? So for you, the only difference between a level 29 and lvl 70 is 1 lvl of XP, because that’s why you’re saying right now. Lvl 40-50 reaches hp 600 plus much more combat experience than the upfront brand new lvl 30.
  2. Red/cosmetics: So … what’s the point of red items… nothing ? You still need a target in order to be motivated to play… otherwise you may experience a huge drop of players at one point and you will wonder why. Still not getting why after 200 hours played, not even one cosmetics was dropped ?!!
  3. Crafting: Well, it means that you can’t equipped a newly blue or green dropped item, because you don’t want to modify the 1 or 2 characteristics before upgraging it all the way up to orange; you want to avoid losing the 2 lines you spend a significant amount of crafting material once you upgrade it to orange. That’s why. for me, it is obvious. You craft the best you can in green, eventually, you upgrade it to blue, keeping the 1st one and you craft the 2nd line etc. Make a referendum on the forum.
  4. Displayed weapon gameplay: Ridiculous ? maybe not, but that was the most minor comment of all. my example was poor, but I meant comparing 2 identical type of weapon, there is no real difference between characters, for bow, swords etc. let’s forget about this one. it was no a major observation.
  5. Incentives > lvl30: Well what is the strategy then to keep the players playing the game then ? That was the whole issue with Vermintide 1. Your game is awesome but it completely lack of incentives to play on long term… No special items, no more skills beyond lvl 30, cosmetics are never dropped. to be honest, I am on the verge of looking for another game, being at lvl 30+30 and I dont have any cosmetics and only one red trinket… it is your call after all, I am just suggesting. just trying to help you guys here (and for free)
  6. Set items:… are just awesome. it could be several per subclass… plus it is so difficult to gather that once equipped, you dont care anymore if it is eventually the only unique ultimate equipment people will look for. Look at the success of Diablo 2. there was an ultimate set here and there… the game is still played and awesome today. You are criticizing a game created in 2000 still played 18 years after. Where wil be Vermintide 2 in 18 years ?
  7. I was not referring to the auction house. POE made huge profit and the game is still massively played in 2018 despite a creation in 2013… This game should be the bible for you guys. They set in place a online shop just for cos;metics effect. I strongly disagree with the pay to win system. But I completely agree with the cosmetics shop. I am ready to pay 20 box right now to get this unique bow skin, or this special hat effect, or a glowing sword in red or blue etc. it is greatl improving our experience and it is making you tons of money. As long as it is not impacting the skills / power of the character in the game. Just visuals. Well I am not even the only one to talk about this on this feedback forum. This is really the way Vermintide should go. Just give a shot by playing to POE to see.

I took the time to give this feedback because I love the environement, atmosphere and ADD ambiance / immersive experience you succeed to create. Plus it is a new type of game, at the frontier between platform / action and diablo like. I will be really sad to struggle finding a server in 3 months before players swith to another game once again because Fatshark has not thought about any incentives to keep the players from playing.
Thanks for your time (if it helps, my profile is 40 yrs old, started playing on commodore 64 all the way up to here, so assuming to have a receivable general overview/opinion on games)

That is precisely the pb with POE yes. Driven by some hardcore gamers that are 1% of players. And I still dont get the point of discouraging 99% of players from playing by raising the difficulty because of a bunch of elit players. Well not all is to be thrown to garbarge in POE. You definitely do not need to buy stuff to have an end game character. + the online shop is purely cosmectics. If you did purchase currencies on a random Chinese server , this is not the programmers choice but the player one. I played POE since 2013 and really dont need to buy anything to create a awesome character.

I don’t.
You’re only a badass as long as the AI Dir, let you play like one.

Really? I’d say the opposite is true. Learn to win in spite of the director and then you’ll truly feel like a badass.


So you like playing this game just to enjoy the feeling of showing off your sword skills in public ? That’s it ? Well, hope this game have better to offer than this…

Lol? How did you get that from what I said?


Why are you telling me to learn the game?
Let me see how badass you are with 1 boss 6 specials and 4 hordes.

So your basically telling us that you’re farming Legend with no end game to see, and “getting better at the game” isn’t something you seek, and yet sometimes you get wiped on Legend.
There is always room to improve man, if some player can do true solo Legend run (with the SAME IA Director as you), and you lose as four (not telling you to git gud, I lose too), then I think you aren’t at the true endgame yet.
Altho if you don’t want to play better, and don’t want to play for fun… Why do you exactly play ?


You’re really misinterpreting me here, I’m not claiming to be some god that always wins even when situations are AI bonkers ridiculous. I lose more than I win on legend, and that’s quickplay or with my regular group. Legend is supposed to be challenging. My POINT is that these situations are something you can overcome if you’re willing to rise to the challenge.

I’ve beat situations like that and worse, and I’ve also lost to situations like that, many times. Sometimes these things spawn bugged (patrols spawning on your face, silent hordes, etc) and obviously those bugs need to be fixed. But a correctly-spawned boss + hordes + coordinated specials is something that you can overcome with a combination of teamwork, positioning, and technical skills. Hell I’ve solo-ninja-ed my way out of worse situations than that.

As @Winthiefow said: There is always room to improve.

Let’s not… try and turn this into a game that it wasn’t meant to be, I get that people want to see games inspired by other games but I’d rather avoid feature creep from burdening the development team with even more balancing issues.

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