A thought on leveling and what happens once you reach lvl 30

Is it possible to get a system where once you reach level 30 you can opt to reset your character to lvl 1 and do it again? Maybe incentivize people to relevel their characters by offering new character skins or titles for going through the 1-30 grind again (maybe titles being given after going through the 1-30 grind 5 or 10 times?)? I think it would add more replayability to an already great game.


That’s a great idea, I have been thinking the exact same thing!

If you are on a ps4 like me, you CAN play “single player”, as opposed to online. You can start over with your characters but you cannot play with others, kinda weak if you ask me-

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Basically inviting a games company to increase grind instead of remove it and implement minimum viable content by simply replaying a grind that was non sensical and a waste of players time even the first time it had to be done.

Levelling characters in an RPG style in an FPS game where success has everything to do with player skill alone. It was shoe horned in and doesn’t belong, just acting as a barrier to entry for new players.

I would prefer some actual content and the fleshing out of the trash crafting and rerolling system instead of reliving the same grind over and over again for a lazy recolour.


Just because you do not like “the nonsensical waste of time” that is Vermintide 2, must you attack someone’s idea? I assume the OP meant that he would like TO CHOOSE to replay “the grind”, no one wants to force you to do anything :innocent::pray:


Precisely, I don’t think anyone should be forced to go through it, but I think it would be great to have that option. I like leveling my characters in other games and often find myself restarting to go back enjoy it again. I have a blast leveling my characters from the start again and some games even have a new game + mode, so I think there are others who would agree that it’s fun to start over from time to time.


Locking cosmetics behind grind is forcing people to do it.

Please stop attempting to misrepresent want I said. I play the game every day and it has some greatness for all of its flaws. I do however call out lazy implementation such as grind and RNG where I see it and find it strange behaviour that players would invite more of that laziness instead of actual content.


The “real” fun starts there. You are finally able to get used to your character, build him up and reach for the limits.

I will approve of a system that allows you to reduce your hero power as you please (deed rework).
I do not want the ability to reset characters as it isn’t flexible and I most certainly won’t approve of rewards for it as this would pure oil in the fire of toxicity among those that cannot accept low lvl players in Legend or even Champion.

I also heavily reject more rewards for grinding as long as we severely lack some for skill.

I do not think that effort should be put to increase the end game in this manner but into a good deed rework and a higher difficulty level.

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No one is making you play a video game, or making you do anything :laughing: seriously?! Now or in the future for v2 or any other game. I suppose I would like more cosmetics too but no one has made that argument here that’s your own thing…

And is see what your both saying. I recently got a character past lvl 30, and I play with that character more than any other :heart:. I have never been annoyed by v2 “grind”, I don’t mind it tbh :fearful:

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While I do agree that sticking cosmetics on it would be a bad idea, you do realize that there are dozens of cosmetics currently hidden behind grind-walls, right?

Play 100 games as Witch Hunter Captain on Champ/Legend -> Cosmetic Head & Body

Complete 500 deeds. -> Cosmetic Borders

I pretty firmly believe that it wouldn’t hinder the game to add in the feature to ‘prestige’ as it is called in the rooty-tooty-aim-and-shooty games. As a matter of fact: anything that anyone does for the sake of achievements, completion, or cosmetics would qualify as not playing ‘actual content’. @brybry4200 wants an odd functionality, sure, but if it brings 15% of the players joy and new cosmetics? Good. It means members of our community are having fun!

All of this being said: I still completely agree with you that I would rather see new levels, mechanics, characters, weapons, etc. However, saying “no” because there are other features we want first seems odd… let’s spring for both!

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I’ve seen you post a bunch about end-game content and I wholeheartedly support you; I’d like to see cataclysm difficulty released so that everyone easy-clearing those upper-tiers of the game can enjoy it with a more rewarding challenge!

However, if you don’t mind, I’d like to say that the gameplay-patches that happen within the next 2-4 months are probably already in the pipe. The deed-rework is in there: if we ask for more stuff, they won’t suddenly stop working on it in lieu of a grind-patch.

I mean all of this with the best intentions. Just food for thought!


YAY torantalis!

I also agree, I want new levels/characters/weapons MORE than anything else~

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Grinding back up through Vet > Legend? Count me out.

This is, in fact, a fairly backwards way of implementing increased difficulty and extending the players grind. I’d rather have some higher tier player challenges. How about a sorcerer that cast spells on players that reduce movement/stamina/speed of swing for ten seconds? How about having some kind of boss that holds the grims (Warplock engineer?) in a special location in each map that you need to Kill him to get them instead of the fairly inane jumping puzzle?

Resetting the grind is just idle development techniques. Increasing the difficulty is only going to cater to a smaller and smaller population of players. Developing some end game content for VT2 that isn’t mindlessly grindy OR fiercly punishing for the majority of players is quite a tough challenge to be fair to FS.


I disagree. I like the first 10 levels or so because there are no traits, no talents and no optimised builds. I make new steam accounts when there’s a free weekend just so I can have the reset experience without actually losing everything I’ve done on my main account. I just wish I could jump straight into legend with it. It’s like a back to basics deed, except everything is actually reset.

Edit: I don’t know why this came up as a reply to Haxorzist; It wasn’t meant to be. Wierd.


I do so agree to every point you just made and would LOVE to see some more enemies/challenges. Despite me not being able to handle Legend (I dunno if I’m just not good enough or if my crew I usually roll with is too casual, but it’s probably a mixture of both), I believe that expansion should not be a repeat of what we have already accomplished.

As a matter of fact, resetting is the single most backwards implementation of gameplay possible. The reward of a feature being “you get to play more” is inane to me; I am always very surprised at Call of Rooty-Tooty-Dooty players who are ‘prestige’ 15,000,000 but I cannot deny that they are enjoying themselves.

I agree, but I cannot openly say “don’t let someone enjoy the game the way they want to.” I believe we should all be catered to. Not just the high-ranks, not just the low-ranks, not just the grinders, not just the people on the forums: we should all be able to enjoy the game.

Clipped off the end of this statement because I didn’t want to imply that it is anyone’s responsibility. Sorry all!

PAYDAY 2 and others did this before, and made it work. But there the drop in power isn’t that big anyway, starting from the usual difficulty is quite feasible, and the “grind” is quite fast as you both play higher-difficulty missions and gain the Infamy exp bonuses.

Here, we would have roughly half of our Power left, the difficulty jumps are wide and due to how Power and other things work, playing a high difficulty with low Power is extremely frustrating. (That one’s a big reason Back To Basics isn’t a good Deed modifer, imo.) So no, I don’t think prestige levels or whatever you want to call them would be a good fit here.

Even if they were implemented (and I doubt they will), adding practically any reward to them is a questionable decision. While they could be seen as “a nice bonus” for those who go through the grind, many others (and I’m guessing far more) would see those things as gated behind a boring grind. The only thing I could see as remotely sensible would be an escalating series of frames, similar to the ones bound to Okri’s Deed Challenges now. Besides, allowing a lot faster gain of Commendation Chests would already be a big advantage.

I can see the sentiment here: It can be quite fun to return to your roots, both to re-experience some of that early-game excitement and to see how far you’ve actually come. But a system that works in one game doesn’t often work in another, and this one I really hope the devs don’t implement. There are a couple of alternatives, though. If Back to Basics is converted to a more sensible Deed modifier (for example, by dividing it to Level and Equipment modifiers separately), it can be used for this. Similarly, there could be an option to deselect your Talents to remove them from play. And of course, you can always equip Blacksmith weapons to make things harder for yourself. Yes, I recognize none of these really let or require you to regrind your character, but I don’t think there’s really any reason to. As I said, the leveling aspect is so slow in this game and its effects are so important that regrinding everything would be just tedious for most players. Besides, as others said, the game doesn’t end at reaching level 30; at that point building your equipment set and your own skills can really start.


Again, I disagree. Everything dies WAY too fast in the average legend run IMO.

I don’t think that’s it, for me at least. Once you hit 30 and kit yourself out, there’s nothing left to achieve. There’s no excitement in opening lootboxes anymore, every run has had the fun optimised out of it, and there’s not really any reason to care about failing.

Maybe the new deed system will fix some of this, but I don’t know if it’ll scratch the itch that OP is talking about. Some people just play for the climb.

What I’d REALLY love is a ‘hardcore’ mode, where if I die, my hero is reset and I lose whatever gear they’re carrying. That would be amazing. Yes, I know there’s a million reasons that this would be hard to implement well, but that doesn’t mean I can’t want it. It was the singular thing that breathed life back into Diablo 3 for me.


Hardcore mode would be awesome. That’d be so much fun. Though instead of a single death resetting your character, I’d prefer if it was reset if your group is wiped out on a level instead. Considering some deaths are kind of hard to prevent (i.e. being thrown off a cliff by a boss)


Yeah, I think that’s reasonable. It’d definitely give some incentive to play the team game!

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I have been working on Kerillian, got her up to 30+ 6, champion / legend difficulty is the best :heart: So gratifying

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Just give players a cosmetic item box for every +5 levels after reaching level 30.

The loot pool in this box would have completely new cosmetics and it’d be tied to the character you unlock it on, so you’d have Cosmetic Box: Kruber, Cosmetic Box: Bardin etc. Each box would give a single item like the bogenhaven boxes.

This would be better then having to reset back down to level 0 via a prestige system.

Although Fat Shark would have to add about 21 cosmetic items per character split across each career to keep players engaged, because otherwise it might feel like there’s to little cosmetics to unlock for those players that play for thousands of hours. This would mean your each character would have to be level 135 to get all the cosmetic boxes items.

The only problem with my suggestion is making 105 new cosmetic items (assuming they’re not all recolours) would probably take a couple of months and i think i’d prefer FS to work on making new maps, weapons, characters etc. instead for right now. I guess a single person could be assigned to make the cosmetics in the background over a longer period of time, so gameplay related stuff would still be coming regularly.

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