Show in some way real lvl of the character

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if it would be possible to add in some future patch a quick addition to the game. We all know that level cap is 30 but when you are at this level, you still earn experience and level. Right now it will always display that you re level 30 and not for instance 31, 32 etc… only when you open the Inventory that you can see your “true” level.

So why not display it for everyone? Not mandatory and really important but it would be really great to have this feature like the first game. Actually in the first you would see the sum of all level on every char.

This could be done with earnable borders maybe!

There is already discrimination in public games based on character level (among other things). Displaying your virtual levels too would likely make that worse, with people again equating level with skill. It still doesn’t affect anything stat-wise, so bragging rights are the only thing one gets from them. Well, there are Commendation chests, but at that point you are likely to be close to 300 item power anyway, unless you’re a one-character wonder.

It might be fun to show it somewhere in the Keep, though. That wouldn’t affect Quickplay directly , but would still let people show off if they want.

I understand what you say but dont forget, as I said, that this feature was already implemented in First Vermintide. What’s different in this game is that when you unlock a difficulty rank, it s available on every char you have, without regards to your actually power and people are like “oh nice i unlock legend, lets do it on my lvl 14 wh” (true story) … this was already in first but not at this degree and frequency.

Game has to show us the power… I don’t want waste my time at champ/legend: maybe they are good, but less power = more risk.

Honestly, in the past I’ve seen level 25+ players on veteran, and with no memorable exception they were about the worst teammates I’ve seen. On the other hand, I’ve seen level 5s do a fantastic job in champion. Given that there is, indeed, a legend difficulty, having someone around level 10 join a champion game will not trigger a second glance.
If there was a “total level” or something introduced, I sure hope its visibility is optional, because I wouldn’t show it. What does it matter?

Same, which is why I give low level players the benefit of the doubt until I can see them in action. If they are awful, then I politely ask them to leave (or just leave myself if I’m not the host). It’s pretty easy to switch to a new character and equip a bunch of high-level items and take on Champ for a highly skilled player.

This is why I feel it’s better to have maybe a border you unlock at one max level character and a different one if you have several/all of them maxed out. (and for the love of sigmar stop making it so you have to equip borders every time you swap character/class?!)

That way you can tell instantly if someone is a lvl 18 with no max characters all just hovering that swapped to a lvl 7 and joined your champion, or someone with at least a lvl 30 that swapped to a lvl 5 and joined your run.

I personally don’t mind low levels being present so long as they don’t forcibly join to troll by making purposeful mistakes. If they die, so be it, I’ll ress them next checkpoint. At the very least they can serve as bait and distraction when they’re up or down.

(Or better, just make the number sign gold or silver for someone with at least one max level character.)