Show power level as well as char level

When joining a game it would help from being kicked if the screen showed power level to other players. So for example on the character portrait icon it showed LVL15 and power 400 for example.
Bit annoying having to explain that my item level is 300 but char only 15 on say champ where I get along just fine on my 2nd character.

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Yep, I got kicked from several games when attempting to start leveling a new character.

This is just on Vet too. Champion I could maybe see their side since you’re missing out on helpful talents.

Due to the time sink required to play a map, I fully understand being kicked. It’s just not worth the risk sometimes.

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Yep im not saying you should try champ as fresh level 1 but with the power level shown at least people will know youve already got to lvl 30 on another character and wont knee jerk kick.