Remove shown level cap.

Let people show off how many hours they’ve put into each character like in go’ ol’ V1, I remember when I played my first game of cataclysmic, where me and a pal got teamed up with a level 900 bardin, we bowed down to this demi-god of a player, and let him guide us through the hell that was cataclysm.

Bring back level flexing, please.


No! This will only lead to people kicking other people with too low total level. It’s better to give special cosmetics to people with over 30+100 etc, than actually showing the level, that way you still get to “brag” but random kicking because of “too low level” will not be something we will see repeatedly…

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Ye… I’m afraid this would bring more negatives than positives.

The kick system will always be abused. So why isn’t it that everybody without a certain portrait frame is kicked?
Because people aren’t that horrible and don’t care that much. In V1 there was a mod that auto kicked people below a certain lvl that was convenient as well as the mod that over wrote the vote in favor of the host but those do not exist here in V2.

Will it be abused? Sure but hey you could remove the kick system if you care so much. It’s not like it helped me ever. I just got kicked by trolls from time to time. So for all I care abolish the cause.

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ye so why give the trolls another reason to kick you “cause ur to low lvl lol”, besides portrait frame is not really a reliable indicator, unlike the “true level” which directly shows how much grind you put into that one specific character.

There are already reports of people getting kicked for several reasons. Among them are:

  • Single instances of friendly fire
  • “Too low” level - on Champion, even on Veteran
  • Particular Traits
  • Particular weapons
  • Not using certain weapons

…And that’s discounting the blatant griefing and trolling stuff. Beyond the first 30, the levels have no meaning and can be ground up on Recruit if a player so wishes, or gained by getting carried on any difficulty. They, and any frames or other rewards that would show them off, indicate nothing of the player’s skills. Still, some people (even aside from griefers) would certainly hold them as a requirement for playing with them. Work should be put into reducing reasons for kicking people, not adding them.

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You know you can get to level 30 + 200 only playing recruit right?

I decide what a player is like and adjust my playstyle based upon their actions during the first encounter, usually I decide to unofficially buddy-up with whoever isn’t being a complete fool. Someone dodging and blocking properly, using their ult sensibly and positioning themself properly is the indicator they’re ok. Level 1 in Champion or level 10 in Legend it doesn’t matter.

Level 30 in Legend getting downed after grabbing a grim because they windmill into a horde without dodging then spam “HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP” Y U let me DIE!

That right there is a bona fides idiot - no matter what the level+ they are.



There’s actually a mod for this awaiting approval. I’d like to see it. Just so i can get a general sense of how players are going to preform before we start. I understand people can grind up levels in recruit, but 9 times out of 10 the highest level players are legend professionals. It’s the same if I see someone with the portrait from clearing all maps with all characters on legend. Or the 500 deed one, again they can do recruit deeds… but still, when I see those portraits, I know that I generally don’t have to baby sit them and should stick near the lvl 25 with no portrait at all.


Also, I kicked two people just this morning on zealot. The one wouldn’t stop healing me with med kits, even after I asked him not to. The second had heal share with NB and was gobbling up every potion he saw. Asked him not too and he starting getting mad at me.

Getting healed, #ZealotProblems

I have been waiting for this ever since launch.
Two reasons really:

  • I wanna show of my sweet hard earned levels

  • I’d like to see how other ppl are doing (in a general sense)

I get that it may cause problem but it would bring more good than bad. From my experience, the majority of the players are pretty nice.


well, it wouldnt hurt, to see the actual level of the guys you play with in randoms
(yes after the first encounter you allready get all the info you need and sometimes to much of it :wink: )
but it would give you a general idea of what to exepect

the arguement that it would be abused is mute in my opinion

not that i dont agree that some random idiot that feels like his +50 makes him the allknowing god and starts a kickvote, im pretty sure that will happen once or twice
but those random kicks happen now without this change anyway:
2 days ago i got kicked for well for carrying a toolbag all the way to the entrance of magnus tower
no reason given, he was mostly either dead or on his way of being dead all the way to that point.

TLDR: remove shown level cap :wink:

regards towly

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Here’s a question of curiosity: As many of you seem to support this to see the “general competence” of the players, where would you place the line for “competent enough”?

As is, people with strong mains can be playing their alts, or the players also may be generalists (like myself) who spread their experience around. I have 800+ hours in-game, do (and complete) Legend Deeds regularly, and generally perform the second-best out of my group. While my actual performance changes day-by-day, both in general and on specific Careers or setups, I can play anything. And still, my extra levels range from 83 on Kerillian to 30 on Sienna. It sounds like my extra levels would hardly be anything to celebrate for you guys. And the longer the game stays, the higher those limits are going to get.

Ok so I’ve got Sienna 30+190. a Kruber 30+110, and everyone else at 30 ish.

I join a group as Kerillian where I’m level 30 + 1, and get possibly get kicked?

Are we going to combine ALL levels across all characters? level 700 anyone?

Also I’m not a high levelled player, I know people who have 30+800 on their main. This whole thing about displaying levels is just a huge extension of your e-peen and is a bit silly.

Levels have no indication of player skill, any more than hats do.

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for me there is no competent enough in regards to the levels it would show
which means to me if you (as in you the random guy on my team) have +1 or + 1000 isnt what i care about at all

it would simply give me an idea of the amount someone played with that class, not that amount of having played equals skill
but it just tells you abit information if you have lets say for example a kruber next to you with +5 or one with +200

for me it would just be benefical additonal information and thats never a bad thing to have

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^ Pretty much what he said.

It’s a good indication of how much experience you have with that class. I would never actually kick someone for being below a certain level. I helped carry some lvl 18-25 guys though legend just yesterday so they could get their DLC glow weapons.

I’m lvl 30+ 262 on elf, and +40-60 on the other characters. Even though I have +42 lvls on Sienna, I play her absolutely horrible compared to any other Sienna I know. Still, I can stay alive and still be an asset to the team even if I’m not taking more than 1 or 2 green circles.

really hope it gets approved, that would be great.

How is this not just a watered down cap removal?

I totally agree. It gives players more incentive to keep playing. People will always kick for any number of reasons. Showing the actual level isn’t going to change much. Anyone at 30 or above should have a basic idea how to play the game anyway. I’m all for showing the actual level.

Hm, you could argue that it will remove the lvl cap only for those who actually use the mod, so I guess if someone would not want it, they could just not use the mod.