Level caps

So far loving the game a lot. minus the whole glitchfest you get but that’s nothing that hasn’t already bin said. One thing I’m sorta bummed out about is the new level cap of 30. I miss having the ability to infinitely gain levels over time. I know you gain hero power per level up and such but i feel how it should work is maybe after you hit level 30 you could keep going but now don’t receive any more hero power per level and have it as only getting a chest per 10 levels which the levels would be extremely hard to obtain after 30. I know this may seem dumb but i find the level cap to be silly. Even if you don’t get anything from 31 and above you would get the satisfaction of continuing to level up your favorite character more and more. Any guy can get a character up to 30 but a dedicated person would go beyond that to prove their skill with said character.

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You still do get “virtual” levels after hitting 30, and the commendation chests with them. It just shows only for yourself, as it doesn’t affect anything else.

Interesting. I haven’t gotten beyond 30 and putting a couple to that and was told not to bother because you can’t level up past that. I must’ve bin misinformed. Though if nobody can see it but you then my point still stands of that should change. People could easily lie about their level if you can’t see it fully.

well i think there have been multiple threads about this topic. there are people who want the extra levels to be shown, but others are adamant about just showing 30 because they believe player skill does not equate to level, and showing it would be misleading.