Why level 35?

It’s such an ugly and uneven number, and it only adds more grind to do at the start. Like, I think I understand that back in 2.0 there was a major rebalance, and the 50 power was needed to make things right, but why not just make the content itself right? Now you have to up the level cap to 40 at least before the end of development support for the game to make things right.

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It doesn’t honestly bother me beyond the fact it was pointless and arbitrary. Level 40 would be adding more pointless grind.

I’m still salty the brand new talent tier we got told was coming with WoM ended up being the same for all classes, the stagger talents.

Granted, the general talent reworks that came with WoM and in the time after were for the most part great, but it did beg the question - why raise the level cap if talents end at level thirty? I mean sure, initially with WoM they moved the last tier of ult talents back to level 35, but that was pointless too, all it would have done is forced you to work to get back what you had.

Level 30 base hero power could’ve been altered with 2.0 without raising the maximum level.


I would remove the numbers and replace them with an evolving icon. A different stage for each talent row unlocked.

Which brings me to my second point. Before 2.0, hero power was at 600, 300 from levels and 300 from equipment - perfect equilibrium. This was desecrated when the level cap was increased to the ugly 35. Upping it to 40 wouldn’t even fix this severe lapse in judgement from Carshark now.

Yeah, I just don’t like numbers that much. And having career level that does not mean anything seems pointless anyways, to this way it would at least look better in my opinion, or just remove it outright.

I know some people autokick low levels no matter how good they are.

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Apart from the fact that I think this game would be a lot better without levels to start with, the “level increase” that came with WoM was the most pointless thing ever. The power increase was meaningless because the entire game got rebalanced anyways, and the extra talent row was added to level 30 anyways. All it did was force people to level all the heroes up 5 times again for no reason at all. And sice another level increase would inevitably come with either: power creep, another complete rebalance, or even more complete pointlessness, I would be very happy to live with the arbitrary number of 35 instead.