The leveling is the least fun aspect about VT2 for me. WoM is tedium for the sake of it

When I first got VT2 I hated leveling all of my characters to 30 just to get to consistant damge with cleaves and stagger. With the DLC my 500 hours might as well have never happened, as the weapons and gear I grinded for no longer matter. I am at the same equipment level (In the weaves) as a brand new player. All of my characters must be regrinded up to 30 (35 now) for reasons I can find aside from trying to artificially lengthen the game? Having all of my past achievement and work reset back to zero for an alternate mode is frustrating. Not fun. I don’t want to re-level everything back from zero. I don’t want to start the game over just to experience this new content. Weaves feel like the biggest slap in the face and I truly hope they change them to reflect this.

Going off of the previous betas to current, it doesn’t look like they plan to change anything.


Weaves are only queue-able if you own the dlc. If they don’t reset player level periodically for it then new players wont really be able to queue with people of similar weave level and the game mode would just die off in a short while.

The regrinding to 35 was a poor and inconsistent choice though. Before this patch, every character got their final talent 5 levels before level cap. Going to level 30 was just icing on the cake, but making everyone who actually went to level 30 put in another 15-20 games to get to 35 is inconsistent and tedious. The new talents should be at level 30 at the very least for consistency.


I strongly agree. ULT talents should be moved to the lvl 30 row or even lower. I’m currently just grinding up levels on lower difficulties, as EXP is pretty much the same across all difficulties.


Agreed, I have 30+90 levels but now I’m forced to grind up to 35 again? Ok fine, but don’t gate my ulti talent at 35 then! It used to be 5 levels under level cap now it’s at level cap? Come on…

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I’m not a huge fan of playing on lower difficulties, as I felt like Legend is the difficulty that felt most balanced for a level 30. Now they’ve taken away my ULT Augmentation and they’re making me grind back up for it? And because they took it away I feel highly underpowered in Legend and need to drop back down? FatShark, I’ve got 300 hours in this game and you’re taking away my hard earned skills to make me grind back up? This is the exact opposite of how you retain a player base. I’m debating on whether or not I even want to put in the time. I like getting the extra skill line, but don’t take away my Ult Augments on EVERY character.

Ridiculous decision.


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