"Grimoire" talents for everyone at lvl 30

Some carreers have grimoire related talents, some don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea behind it even if it is a bit meta and situational, but seem to be quite mighty when they kick in. The distribution of those talents seems to be a bit random nontheless, and considering that going for books is more targeted at “elite players”, why not give all characters and careers a choice from three different “grimoire” talents at level 30. Maybe a bit like lvl 20 talents with generic options everyone gets and maybe 1 character specific (e.g. all of Sienna’s carreers could select her “overheat cooldown” thing as one skill and 2 generics that everyone gets, maybe something like “reduced skill cooldown” or “one extra down before dying”, something like that).


No. Grims should fraq you up. Not help.

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why have Grim related skills then? And the Health penalty can still “fraq you up” easily.

While I do not necessarily agree with the idea of a line just related to Grims, I do think some level 30 Skills would be nice.

How many we have them 2? I play only one class so don’t know to much, about others talents.
I just like “mechanic” of grims so much that I would not change it.

Why even have 30lvl max then if you gain nothing but chests after 25 and you still gain chests after 30.

I am bit surprised, disappointed and confused that we have no final talent for level 30 :thinking:.

Some utility talent would be interesting, maybe something tied to grims/tomes/bombs/potions so it would make people actually try and search/use them.

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Why even have 30lvl max then if you gain nothing but chests after 25 and you still gain chests after 30.

You get hero power for levels 26…30, but not for 30+.

Throw 12 power per lvl instead of 10…?

Sure, I’d like if we got max power faster (don’t care for the HP system). But just pointed out the current difference between levels 26…30 and 30+.

That’s actually a pretty decent idea, 30 talents that will make you gain offensive powers when you’re under the effect of grim, so you would trade resistance for more damage, I like this concept.

The Grim talents are cool, but they very much mean that one of the classes is a “get gud” class, because high level play is about seeing how much you can gimp yourself with tomes and grims and still get out. Either give 'em to everyone or take them out.

final talent is to make you career ability better

I don’t think we should risk any powercreep at all before the rest of the game is somewhat balanced. As such, I’d be against adding any new talents, even if they only gave 5% dodge range when holding a grim.

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