With the new DLC "Winds of Magic" coming - Add an Level 30 Talent

Great Idea right ? :ok_hand:

I mean, I wouldn’t mind more player customization, but what effects do you have in mind?

Almost all of the options have already been filled out, I think.

I’m hard-pressed myself to come up with 3 new and unique talents for each career for a total of 45 new talents.

Edit: For a total of 45 talents, not 15 talents. I forgot how to count for a second there. Sigmar forgive me.

Idk … there actually thousand ideas , @fatshark shouldn’t have any problem to come up with those

Thousands of ideas”? That sounds like gross overexaggeration to me.

If there’s supposedly so many ideas for new talents, would you mind sharing some that you’d like to see implemented?

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Damn that ain’t easy , but actually before the DLC would come out I would have some good Ideas

See? Adding new talents is easier said than done.

Anyway, if you come up with some ideas for new talents in the future, I wouldn’t mind to hear them.


I’ll come up with something , no problem

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We will see what they have in store for us as they promised new talents of some kind. And unless Hedge comes out and asks us I don’t think I will greatly engage in such debates.


fo real ?

for real


That’s craze


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