Possible Talent System Idea

Going to be talking from Bardin’s talents for references.

I think it’d be a pretty neat idea to add two new systems into place.

First Idea:
Add a level 30 one of two choice talents ( Move “Oi! Wazzok!” here and come up with another special talent trait like say, “Can guard against disabler abilities but durration is reduced.” ) This would make reaching level 30 feel more… rewarding since you only get an additional 50 power right now.

Second Idea:
Allow us to allocate our ‘talent points’ in lower tiers.
Basically this would allow you to pick your build a little more freely but the draw back would be that you would need to have at least one talent in the previous tree to pick one of the next so you couldn’t have three tier 1 talents and skip tier 2 and 3 and then get tier 4 and 5 talents.

Open to discussion, Would love to see the second one more but both would feel really good in my opinion.

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