Ideas to spice Talents up a bit

So i was thinking about something like weapon mastery for every class. Replacing some of the boring talents in the current tree or even make a complete separate tree with abilitys like:

the Zealot can get a second flail with some new attacks like slamming the two balls (hehe i said balls) together for some massive damage to anything caught inbetween. Maybe an unstoppable frenzy where he swings the balls (hoho again) around him like a mad man during his active ability.

The Huntsmans longbow could get like extra ball point arrows which he could ricochet of of walls and floors a couple of times. Maybe fire them in a volley like kerillian but without the target seeking property.

The Ranger Veteran could maybe get something like blasting charges for the pickaxe which could be like bombs but at reduced strength.

The Ironbreaker with his shield could do like a slow charge through enemies with his shield up (maybe at X stamina per second), push some infront of him along and damage them if he hits an obstacle.
Or maybe a small 360 degree push at increased stamina cost.

I could go on for days with this stuff but im just gonna leave it there.

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