Spitballing Level 30 Talent ideas I guess

Hey fellas, dipshite here, back at it again with more obscene depravity and severe self-loathing.

This here post is just going to be a dumpster for spitballing ideas for Level 30 Talents. Go nuts, I suppose.

If anyone bothers, this is my ideas, starting from Kruber and going down to Sienna.


Mercenary Level 30 Talents:

  1. Increases the attack speed bonus of Paced Strikes by 10%.

  2. Morale Boost increases the movement speed of nearby allies by 25% for 5 seconds.

  3. Morale Boost also refills the stamina bar of nearby allies.

Huntsman Level 30 Talents:

  1. Increases critical strike chance of Call Out Weakness by 5%.

  2. Increase the duration of Hunter’s Prowl by 4 seconds (up to 10 seconds).

  3. Stealth gained from Hunter’s Prowl cannot be broken.

Foot Knight Level 30 Talents:

  1. Increases cleave by 25%.

  2. Gain 50% increased damage reduction and uninterruptability while reviving an ally.

  3. Hitting a larger than man-sized enemy with Valiant Charge causes you to pin them to you, taking them with you until either the charge ends or you hit terrain. Colliding with terrain deals damage to the enemy you pinned.


Ranger Veteran Level 30 Talents:

  1. Increases the chance of Ingenious Improvisation by 10%.

  2. Ingenious Improvisation also applies to picking up ammo.

  3. Ingenious Improvisation now also applies to nearby allies.

Ironbreaker Level 30 Talents:

  1. Resillient now also applies to nearby allies.

  2. Taking damage reduces the cooldown of Gromril Armor by 1 second.

  3. Activating Impenetrable now resets the cooldown on Gromril Armor.

Slayer Level 30 Talents:

  1. Clears any wounds and converts any temporary health to permanent health when bosses die.

  2. Trophy Hunter also increases movement speed with every stack.

  3. Gain full Trophy Hunter stacks and resets the cooldown on Leap when an ally is downed.


Waystalker Level 30 Talents:

  1. Increases movement speed by 5%.

  2. Scoring a headshot triples Amaranthe’s regeneration rate for the next 5 seconds.

  3. Trueshot Volley now sets fire to the targets hit, dealing additional damage over time.

Handmaiden Level 30 Talents:

  1. Increases health by 20%.

  2. The Dance of Seasons now also applies to nearby allies.

  3. Renewal now grants increased dodge regeneration as well.

Shade Level 30 Talents:

  1. Increases critical strike chance by 5%.

  2. Killing an enemy via backstab increases movement speed by 5% for the next 5 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

  3. Critical hit backstabs from stealth restealths you for the next 3 seconds. Stacks indefinitely.


Witch Hunter Captain Level 30 Talents:

  1. Witch-Hunt grants you and your allies 20% increased movement speed when moving towards tagged enemies.

  2. Witch-Hunt grants 50% increased stamina regeneration for 5 seconds when tagged enemies die.

  3. Witch-Hunt reduces the cooldown of Animosity by 5 seconds when tagged enemies die.

Bounty Hunter Level 30 Talents:

  1. Blessed Shots now also applies to your allies.

  2. Triggering Blessed Shots reduces the cooldown of Locked and Loaded by 5 seconds.

  3. Activating Locked and Loaded instantly reloads your ranged weapon and resets the cooldown on Blessed Shots.

Zealot Level 30 Talents:

  1. Fiery Faith also grants 5% damage reduction for every 25 health missing, up to a maximum bonus of 20%.

  2. Unswerving Strikes also applies to your allies.

  3. Triggering Heart of Iron resets the cooldown on Holy Fervour.


Battle Wizard Level 30 Talents:

  1. Tranquility now activates after 3 seconds.

  2. Total spell charge speed gained from Reckless Haste increased by 20%, up to a maximum of 50%. Standing in the trail left by Fire Walk gives Sienna Overcharge.

  3. Pyromantic Surge now applies to nearby allies.

Pyromancer Level 30 Talents:

  1. Total critical strike chance gained from Critical Mass increased by 20%, up to a maximum of 50%.

  2. Burning Head deals percentage increased damage based on percentage Overcharge amount at activation.

  3. Searing Focus now also applies to nearby allies.

Unchained Level 30 Talents:

  1. Dodge range increased by 20% when Overcharged. Dodging vents a small amount of Overcharge.

  2. Gain damage reduction based on Overcharge amount, up to a maximum of 20% damage reduction.

  3. Total melee power gained from Unstable Strength increased by 40%, up to a maximum of 100%.

That’s it, really.

As mentioned above, feel free to either come with your own ideas, or just simply state why my ideas suck.

Have a not-terrible Ulricstag my countrymen. Deus Sigmar.

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Most of these would break the game…

Especially UC ones, spreading to allies would allow them to 1 shot everything. Pretty sure zealot could light attack kill CWs with the buff you gave him from UC. You’re talking about a 60% damage buff ontop of his 30% damage buff.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong. But the Devs have only said they are increasing the level cap? They haven’t stated if this will increase hero power or add new talents. If it does add new talents, I hope they’re just minor ULT buffs

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Yeah, I don’t really intend for the majority of these to make it into the game anyway, I just tried to come up with something for every career.

UC was the one I had the most trouble coming up with something for, but I did have another idea that gave her damage reduction based on her Overcharge amount. That could replace Unstable Strength spreading to allies since, as you said, it would make a lot of fights trivial.

And yes, there’s not any indication that we’re getting any new talents, and I didn’t want this post to insinuate that either. As mentioned earlier, I just felt like coming up with some new, albeit flawed, ideas.

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A lot are crazy overpowered, but a lot are also interesting nonetheless!

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