Waystalker Level 25 Talents Rework

The Waystalkers level 25 talent choices feel like a non-choice. Asrai Focus is always going to be picked, since the other 2 are either weak in fervent huntresses case or useless/gimmicky in ricochets case.

So I have come up with a list of 3 replacement talents.

Head Splitter (replacing Asrai Focus): Headshots deal 50% more damage. (the WS did used to have a talent like this ages ago, although the name was different, never understood why it got removed, but extra headshot damage on a ranged/damage focused career makes sense, I guess assassin does add headshot damage, but that only works for melee damage)

Enchanted Oak (replaces Ricochet): Every 20 seconds you gain a stack of Enchanted Oak, you can have up to 4 stacks. Each stack reduces damage taken by 10%, you lose a stack each time you take damage. Stacks are not lost from friendly fire. (this is somewhat inspired by the Huntsmans new Tough Hide talent)

Technique Refinement (replaces Fervent Huntress): Killing a special or elite increases your critical hit chance and power by 0.5%. Stacks up to 30 times. Resets upon death.

So yeah that’s my rework, I think this set of talents would add a decent amount of build variety depending on peoples playstyles and it doesn’t shoehorn you into one particular choice, which is basically what the current level 25 WS talents do.


20% CDR is just too big to pass up on, I agree. Any changes to the Talents on that row would be welcomed.

I’ve been trying to advocate for Fervent Huntress buffs, to make it more competitive, and to offer a bit of a different playstyle, which possibly synergizes well with Bloodshot (similar to what they’ve done with BH’s Weapon Swap Talent), but with added mobility. This also depends on whether or not they’re planning on this style of Career: Kerillian's 4th carrier idea, Wardancer! (because mobility mechanics seem to be the selling point)

On the last row, Kurnous’ Reward isn’t set in stone, but it’s clearly the strongest choice on that row. Loaded Bow isn’t really worth it, and Piercing becomes unreliable compared to straight up ranged spam, imo.

I agree that the career ult talents are also somewhat shoehorned like the level 25 row.

Kurnous’ Reward could be made a passive and toned down to say +20% ammo upon killing an elite/special kill with Trueshot Volley.

As for a replacement talent, how about a simple talent called Renewed Vigor: For every Elite and Special you kill with Trueshot Volley, you gain 5 temp health and a 5% movement speed buff for 15 seconds.

As for the other level 30 talents, I’d do the following:

  1. Make Loaded Bow double the amount of arrows per volley, at the cost of a 20% longer cooldown. (This would be a fairly powerful talent to have, since you’re basically firing off your regular ult twice in one go.)

  2. Replace Piercing Shot with Poison Cloud Arrows: Trueshot Arrows now dispense a cloud of poison (similar to hagbane charged shots) on every enemy they hit, dealing moderate poison damage in a medium area around the hit enemy.

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It depends if they integrate the CDR into the Ult passively too, to make up for removing it (if that’s what they do), which would mean you could probably go for less ammo per Ult.

Your suggestions are nice. It doesn’t really matter to me, as long as they unlock the Talent choices a bit. :slight_smile:

Well the cooldown of Trueshot Volley could be reduced from a 80 second cooldown to 70s. This would partially compensate for the loss of Asrai Focus, which reduces the cooldown from 80s to 64s.

But yeah, I’d really like to see WS level 25/30 talents reworked to have more real choices.

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? Isn’t the cooldown of Trueshot Volley 80 s? I honestly don’t believe it is two minutes as much as that skill is spammed in-game.

So …. yea …… I would totally support a change of Trueshot Volley cooldown to 110 s :stuck_out_tongue: A lot of active skills are just too available, in my opinion.

Also, not sure what math you are doing. Asrai Focus reduces cooldown by 20 %. So if it was really 120 s, the talent would result in 120*0.8 = 96 s. Ironically, enough you took the decrease in time from the actual cooldown time of 80 s. Because 80*0.8 = 64 s and 80-64 = 16 s, the same as 120-104 = 16 s.

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Oh yeah, I think I know how I screwed up the math. When I looked the CD up on google, I must of read 1:20 (80s) as 120 seconds. I did think the cooldown was a bit long at the time. Not sure how I got the 104 though, I’ll leave that down to me being tired and putting the numbers into the calculator wrong. I usually don’t mistakes like this, but I guess brain.exe wasn’t working properly when I posted that. I’ll correct my comment.

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