Ignorant heretics

Can we in Sigmar’s and cousin Okri’s name, just somehow purge all the people and narrowminded MMO refugees from this game who STILL think level means anything? The game isn’t even out yet, and every second game I get a toxic player giving me headache immediately


Ah, yes. There was just a huge thread about it. Apparently I have to grind recruit to get at least level 10 even though my level 1 characters have 120 power and I have much more experience because I have already leveled one character.

i completely carried a game with my level 1 saltzpyre where a dwarf lvl 15 was bitching all the time

It’s funny because everyone was complaining about difficulty gatekeeping back when veteran had a hero power requirement in the closed beta. Now everyone is bitching that it doesn’t have such a requirement.

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I share all your sentiments. I especially love it when the one complaining plays a hero twice overleveled AND overpowered for even champion difficulty, and somehow that is their point of reference. And then they hurt the team as much as the enemy with their friendly fire.

Has the power requirement been recently removed? Last I checked, you still had to get at least one character to 120 power to play veteran with all characters. 220 power for champion.

It is still in the game, far as I know. Makes the complaining really strange in veteran games, because even with amulet slots one can have hero power of anything up to 200. Lack of talents might actually hurt when playing champion, but not much even then.

Ah, I was mistaken then.

Lobby browser doesn’t check your hero power level.

Yes. Joining ongoing game doesn’t check level, but you cannot start if anyone hasn’t gone over the limit ever. Didn’t actually think of that because no level 1 has ever joined my games during missions.

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