The New player experience

And this applies to anyone starting a second character really. recruit and vet are awash with people well over the power cap with levels of 25+ who are just either farming free xp or doing it for the giggles of getting insane high scores as they kill everything before anyone else can get near them.

Now i don’t want to come across like im telling people how to play , you should be free to do what you want imo with the only caveat being so long as it doesn’t stop others from doing what they want.

but here we have a conflict because if you want to actually play a recruit or vet game you need to be grouped with people that have appropriate power levels and talents. and you wont get that in quickmatch.

a new player is just going to find themselves chasing after someone who has a run speed advantage watching them murder everything in the mid to far distance. then maybe getting jumped by an assassin. how would anyone react to a game experience like that?
i know id think damn this is a boring game , refund and uninstall time!

obviously i dont want to stop higher power levels farming these difficulties but perhaps the matchmaker should try to match like powers together a bit more? or give people the choice like the strict matchmaking where they will only be grouped with people withing the recommended level/power for the difficulty.

Pulled my friend on the weekend with my lvl 25 Sienna. Everybody in low levels was very thankful that I carried them through bosses and showed them alot of tomes and grims.

Well, I guess it depends on the player. I never left someone behind for the Assassins, Stranglers or Leechers…

on the flipside, you have many people comlaining that recruit mode is way too hard for newbies. would be interesting to see how a good solution compromise would form.

In my opinion it’s really boring to just run along behind someone who is destroying everything ahead of you without even taking much damage.

I see this happen quite often, and especially Slayer Bardins who are level 25-30 go into Veteran or even Recruit difficulty and proceed to just whirlwind through the map staying waaaay ahead of everyone else thanks to their leap ability.

Chasing after those high levels who just wreck the level and not being able to fight anything yourself and not even having much of a challenge is pretty boring to me.

I join the game because I want a challenging experience and cleaving some rats and northlanders. Not to chase after a naked dwarf for 20 minutes straight.

Stricter matchmaking would be good though. Game should look for 1) Other players in the same level range +/- 5 levels or whatever, 2) Difficulty levels suited to the level of the player, e.g. 15-20 you should really not be in Recruit anymore.

I think this also came from the Empire in Flames (Ussingen) map during open beta having very few resources (heals, potions, ammo) and virtually zero resources after you set the cart on fire.

They changed that map now and it has much more resources making it easier to do. Some of the other maps were tweaked too and with more resources available on recruit.

At this point though it’s a bit hard to tell how hard recruit is since all my characters are 12++ by now, so going back to recruit (which I did with my Unchained yesterday) just means you steamroll the mobs.

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