Idea: Maybe we could have Prestige's or something to work towards after level cap is hit

From what I’ve heard, after 30 there isn’t much to work toward besides getting good roles for gear, and of course for the love of the game, but besides that, progression kinda halts. There should totally be some sort of prestige system! It would help add a sort of re-playability and have things for people to work towards!

Rewards could be either like weapon cosmetics, frames, or class cosmetics, but I’d just love to have something to strive for towards end game! Example would be something like diablo’s paragon levels, where once you hit max level, you can level some what infinitely due to the system!

I know there isn’t much of a chance it gets implemented, but I love the game and could see myself putting hundreds of hours into it, maybe even more if there were such systems in place!

PS: You guys are doing great! keep up the great work on the game!!