Let me level past 30+

Let me level past 30, even if the number means nothing, I’d love to see a “LEVEL 30 + 100” or something next to my name for each level. let me see how much I’v nolifed a character :smiley:


They did this in VT2, so add another thing to the list of regressions from VT2


A Prestige would be nice.

+1 I see lots of other posts about this (which is good)

Wanted to chip in also… Prestige is deinfitely a huge plus (lvl30+xxx level), paybe even custome frames/penance for reaching +10, 50, 100 etc beyond core lvl30)

Moreso, I’m a fan of “reward from progress” and they should honestly just give all players a free “Gift of the Emperor” drop for each level beyond 30 (just like Commendation chests in VT2) … other than just pride, it also feels like using things like +XP trinkets actually has some valid reason for it’s existence because you can get more loot drops and rewards, instead of being completely pointless after reaching lvl30

So many better ways to handle lvl30+ experience no doubt. Hope they read this and the other posts eventually, should be hard to implement as they… well already did it before lol.

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I’d say make it go to 100, and every 10 after 30 you select a second Feat (40 chooses 2nd 5th, 50 10th etc.) until 100 you can choose a super capstone Feat!
Also need small buffs every 3 levels like +1% this or that
:thinking: Man, there’s a lot that can go into that I might make that it’s own post